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The Best Predictive Analytics White Papers You Can Download Right Now

Top 4 Best Predictive Analytics White Papers You Can Download Right Now

Top 4 Best Predictive Analytics White Papers You Can Download Right NowOur mission at Solutions Review is to aggregate and curate the best content in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. We took a look for some of the best predictive analytics white papers available online today and below is our Top 4.

Predictive Analytics 101: Next-Generation Big Data Intelligence – Intel IT Center (2013)
“Analytics for big data is an emerging area, stimulated by advances in computer processing power, database technology, and tools for big data. Predictive analytics is a set of advanced technologies that enable organizations to use data—both stored and real-time—to move from a historical, descriptive view to a forward-looking perspective of what’s ahead.”

7 Reasons You Need Predictive Analytics Today – Eric Siegal, PhD (2010)
“Enterprise data is a priceless strategic asset because it represents the aggregate experience of an organization, the very history of its interactions with customers. Each customer response (or lack thereof), purchase decision, acquisition, outright defection, act of fraud, credit default, and complaint of a faulty product component provides the enterprise experience from which to learn.

Predictive analytics taps this rich vein of experience, mining it to automatically generate predictive models. Core analytical methods maximize model performance by tuning across training data. In this way, model generation is an act of learning from the experience encoded in data; the model itself is the deliverable that has been learned.”

Measuring Organizational Maturity in Predictive Analytics: the First Stepto Enabling the Vision – CapGemini (2012)
“This paper describes a framework for measuring how mature an organization is in terms of its ability to realize the potential of PA: the Capgemini Predictive Analytics Maturity Framework. The same framework produces a roadmap for moving the organization towards its PA goals. An assessment against the framework is the first step towards making PA into a valuable source of competitive advantage.”

Predictive Analytics: The rise and value of predictive analytics in enterprise decision making – CGI Group (2013)
“This paper discusses how predictive models are built, ideal situations for applying them, calculating their return on investment, key predictive modeling trends and more. With predictive analytics, organizations in both government and industry can get more value from their data, improve their decision making and gain a stronger competitive advantage.”

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