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ThoughtSpot 6.2 Touts New Data Exploration and Visualization Features

ThoughtSpot 6.2 Touts New Data Exploration and Visualization Features
ThoughtSpot 6.2 Touts New Data Exploration and Visualization Features

Source: ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot has announced the release of ThoughtSpot 6.2, the latest version of its flagship data analytics and business intelligence platform. The release is highlighted by new exploration, collaboration and data visualization capabilities aimed at helping organizations make faster business decisions. ThoughtSpot 6.2 includes new features like DataFlow, Embrace for SAP and Teradata, and the ThoughtSpot bulkloader API. The news comes on the heels of the company’s release of ThoughtSpot 6 in October 2019.

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ThoughtSpot’s analytics platform is heavily influenced by artificial intelligence and automation. While it may seem complex, ease of use is actually a strength of the product. It features a full-stack architecture and intuitive insight generation capabilities via the in-memory calculation engine. A distributed cluster manager provides customizable scaling options, and support for existing ETL solutions ensures proper connectivity to desired data sources.

The new data exploration features in Answer Explorer 2.0 take advantage of AI to guide users to unasked questions and new insights. It then automatically curates suggestions, recommended additional searchers, and unexpected anomalies or trends directly in pinboards, charts, and answers. DataFlow makes it easier to bring data into ThoughtSpot’s in-memory database called Falcon via a no code point-and-click UX. ThoughtSpot Embrace for SAP and Teradata enables users to run search and AI-driven analytic inquiries directly in these datavases without having to move or cache any data.

A new API-powered bulk load connector enables the smooth transfer of data to Falcon by allowing users to load data in bulk from ETL tools and custom programs. There is also Caffeine for advanced data caching, which enables you to choose which pinboards are pre-cached, as well as scriptability support for worksheet filters. ThoughtSpot’s high cardinality charts now accomodate up to 35,000 data values as well, an increase from 1,000 previously.

In a media statement about the news, ThoughtSpot Director of Product Vishal Kasera said: “In our work with customers, it’s clear they need to be making smarter decisions at every level of their organization as they navigate the new business environment. ThoughtSpot 6.2 makes this possible by enhancing the experience for everyone involved in the data to decision pipeline, from administrator to analyst to business user.”

Learn more about the new release in What’s new in ThoughtSpot 6.2.

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