ThoughtSpot Acquires SQL and Python IDE Provider SeekWell

ThoughtSpot Acquires SQL and Python IDE Provider SeekWell

Source: ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot announced today that it will acquire SeekWell, an SQL and Python developer environment that integrates with workflow tools like Google Sheets, Slack, and Jupyter Notebooks. According to ThoughtSpot, the merger will eventually enable customers to “operationalize their analytics and use SQL to push cloud data insights right to where decisions are made—in business applications.” Once the product integration is complete, users will get to utilize natural language search to pull data from cloud data warehouses, modify it, and then automatically sync it back to business applications.

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ThoughtSpot’s analytics platform is heavily influenced by artificial intelligence and automation. While it may seem complex, ease of use is actually a strength of the product. It features a full-stack architecture and intuitive insight generation capabilities via the in-memory calculation engine. A distributed cluster manager provides customizable scaling options, and support for existing ETL solutions ensures proper connectivity to desired data sources.

Some SeekWell capabilities are already available within ThoughtSpot starting today, including the ability to build hyper-targeted segments and automate marketing apps, automate custom lead scoring models and sync directly to sales applications, and prioritize tickets from high-value customers while improving productivity by showing a customer profile alongside new tickets.

In a media statement about the news, ThoughtSpot Chief Development Officer Sumeet Arora said “Building a more fact-driven world requires insights everywhere decisions are made. Today, those decisions are increasingly made in applications. Too often, however, the decades old linear data pipelines prevent insights from making their way back to the applications where they matter most. With SeekWell and ThoughtSpot, customers can not only sync data with applications, but will be able to do so through the simplicity of search. Doing so will empower analysts to bring insights into existing application workflows and operationalize intelligence throughout their organization.”

Read ThoughtSpot acquires SeekWell to help customers operationalize analytics in their business apps in the company’s blog to learn more. You can also watch this ThoughtSpot and SeekWell Demo on YouTube.

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