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TIBCO and Cisco Agree to Data Virtualization Merger

TIBCO and Cisco Agree to Data Virtualization Merger
TIBCO and Cisco Agree to Data Virtualization Merger

Source: Business Cloud News

Cisco recently revealed that they’ve agreed to sell off their data virtualization unit (formerly Composite Software) to analytics provider TIBCO software. The announcement was made in a company blog post by Thomas Wyatt, vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Collaboration Infrastructure Technology Group. Wyatt cites that Cisco has aims of innovating in other arenas, and that data virtualization is no longer in the company’s long-term plans.

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Data Virtualization helps data workers to discover and access their own views of corporate data in an automated, intelligent way. In case you’re unfamiliar, we wrote a short guide to data virtualization you can read here.

The unit is highlighted by Cisco Information Server, a solution that powers enterprise-scale data virtualization, and associated consulting and support services. The Cisco technology can access a large, diverse, and complex set of enterprise data stores and create a “virtual” data layer for analytics without disturbing the source data. This is done without extracting data via ETL in a separate data warehouse.

The move strengthens TIBCO’s portfolio of analytics products, which already features tools that allow organizations to put their analytics into production quicker than much of the competition while continuing to adapt as data sources change from traditional databases and big data sources to cloud and IoT. The addition of the virtualization business will enable TIBCO analytics users, including Spotfire customers, to improve data agility for faster responses to evolving business intelligence needs, reduce complexity.

In a press statement, TIBCO’s senior vice president of analytics Mark Palmer concluded: “The next generation of business intelligence depends on doing more with analytics than just putting data on a graph. Data Virtualization is a key component of getting the right data at the right time to business analysts, data scientists, and automated applications using streaming analytics.”

The merger is subject to regulatory and customary conditions and will close in the weeks ahead.

For more on data virtualization providers, check out our 2017 vendors to watch.

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