TIBCO Features Augmented Analytics in New Spotfire Platform

TIBCO Features Augmented Analytics in New Spotfire Platform

Source: TIBCO Software

TIBCO Software has announced Spotfire X, an AI-driven analytics solution featuring native language processing, machine learning recommendations, and model-based authoring. TIBCO’s newest innovation makes use of augmented analytics, a growing trend in the data analytics marketplace that enables users to utilize artificial intelligence to simplify the decision making process. The announcement was made at the company’s annual user conference, TIBCO NOW, going on right now in Las Vegas.

The new A(X) Spotfire Experience surfaces machine learning-based guidance and recommends data relationships to the user. A user can type a request and the product will create visualizations and make prescriptive suggestions using the results, such as blending data, marking matched records, and launching analytical tools. Users can then click a value, drag a chart, or type a question and Spotfire will deliver a response. The software will also include native support for real-time, streaming data from any source. The new Data Streams module extends the platform with 80 streaming sources out of the box.

In a press statement, TIBCO’s Vice President of Product Strategy Brad Hopper said: “We started investing in AI-driven recommendations several years ago, and we are very excited that, with the A(X) Experience, we have both simplified the practice and increased the power of exploring data. Business users just getting started can nevertheless make important discoveries, and experienced analysts can get their results even faster. We believe the A(X) Experience will help companies get more return from their investments in people and data.”

TIBCO also announced that its flagship data science product will soon be available on the AWS Marketplace. TIBCO Data Science allows data scientists to collaborate using big data and machine learning within native AWS resources like Amazon EMR and Amazon Redshift, Hadoop, and databases.

Spotfire X will be available in this fall. Click here to learn more.

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