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TIBCO Updates Spotfire with Simple Data Discovery

TIBCO Spotfire

This morning TIBCO announced the latest update to its Spotfire Data Analytics solution. The update includes enhancements to core visualizations, an expanded set of built-in data access and data preparation functions, additional collaboration and mashup capabilities, and a re-design of the Spotfire server topology with simplified web-based administration tools. The new functions help users discover insights faster and with improved analysis and data-wrangling capabilities. Administrators can now manage thousands of users with ease, ensuring applications are readily available throughout the business.

Spotfire is a data visualization and analytics solution engineered for exploration, empowering users to quickly find and represent insights in their data through visualizations and enabling them to take action. The latest updates speed up the insights gain from data with more graphical data preparation, contextual collaboration, expanded connectivity, and a foundational server architecture overhaul. Key updates inside:

  • Easy visuals: Numerous improvements have been made to Spotfire’s visuals, including some new graphs, such as the waterfall chart – providing an easier way to illustrate positive or negative changes over time in an aggregated measure. Existing visuals feature improves configurability, including box plots, bar chart segments, and control over the drawing order of markers within scatterplot and map charts.
  • Inline Data Prep: The newly expanded data panel allows users to clean and organize data while analyzing it. These functions include changing data types, formatting columns, inserting calculations, and replacing empty values. A new visual overview of data table structures and preparation steps makes it easy to understand the data sources and methods that support data preparation and analysis.
  • Bolstered Scale-Out Architecture: Spotfire has been updated to a set of service nodes that can be started, stopped, and combined into shared resource pools through a simplified web-based user interface. The Spotfire server has been redesigned to simplify administrative tasks while simultaneously adding powerful new scale-out capabilities.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Storytelling: Features such as annotations, bookmarks, and conversation panels make it easier to discuss and contribute to analysis and interpretation. The analysis can be made clearer and attention drawn to specific analysis highlights through the bookmark and annotations capability.

TIBCO’s Chief Analytics Officer Michael O’Connell adds: “Spotfire continues to extend its innovative leadership in visual analytics by offering more built-in data access, preparation, and visualization capabilities while extending its smart recommendations, collaboration, and storytelling functionality. This release accelerates self-service productivity—enabling faster, more accurate insights that can be shared over a platform that scales on cloud or on-premises. Our goal is to enable users to simplify and reduce time to insight, while enabling actions through a unified Spotfire platform that does not rely on costly add-ons or extensions. Self-service technology like TIBCO Spotfire plays an important role in helping companies become more agile and data-driven. We are committed to advancing our Fast Data portfolio with more usable and powerful analytic solutions that help customers make the ever-important transformation to a truly digital enterprise.”

Click here to read TIBCO’s full press release.

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