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Top 10 Big Data Twitter Follows for IT Pros

Top 10 Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics Twitter

Top 10 Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics TwitterYou’re trying to fill your Twitter timeline with tech news, product information or anything else on the topic of big data? Look no further. Twitter is a great resource for staying up-to-date and learning about your favorite subject matter, and since big data falls under the technology umbrella, you know all the big names in the space are active in promoting everything within the industry. #BigData is everywhere!

Here is a list of the top 10 Twitter accounts to follow on the topic of big data:

1. Big Data Science (@analyticbridge): Expect frequent tweets from this account (they have over 17K) on big data, data science, predictive modeling, business analytics, Hadoop and a variety of other topics. And don’t worry, for as many tweets as they send out, they don’t just click the retweet button all day long. They typically tweet out links with title descriptions, so you can sift through the information you want to explore.

2. Big Data Blogs (@BigDataBlogs): Another account to follow for anything and everything in the world of big data. Technology news, new product updates, how big data is being applied in real-world situations and much, much more. No annoying retweets here either, just pure big data goodness.

3. Dr. John Bates (@drjohnbates): John Bates is currently on the executive board at Software AG and was formerly with Progress Software. He tweets a lot about the Internet of Things, big data analytics, cloud, mobile, and data integration. He authored the book “Thingalytics” and owns a Tesla, so that’s neat.

4. Bob E. Hayes, Ph.D. (@bobehayes): Mr. Hayes tweets out lots of information, including how big data can be used for practical purposes outside of the business and enterprise sectors. He is the CRO of Analytics Week and is big into customer experience as it relates to big data and analytics. He’s also a believer in applying the scientific method to improve our understanding of big data and its applications.

5. Kirk Borne (@KirkDBorne): Kirk definitely looks at big data through the scope of a scientist, as he is one. He’s both a data scientist and a Ph.D. astrophysicist who is interested in astroinformatics and citizen science. He’s also got a blog entitled “Rocket-Powered Data Science“, where he shares his big data insights from a scientist’s perspective.

6. Bernard Marr (@BernardMarr): Marr is an author, speaker, strategic performance consultant and self-proclaimed analytics, KPI and big data guru. He also wrote a book called “Big Data”, so that alone probably qualifies him for this list. You can read a free chapter of the text here. I don’t think he’s ever posted a tweet without using the hashtag #BigData, so you know the content he provides is pure.

7. BigDataClub (@BigDataClub): Here’s an interesting follow. This account aims to link big data professionals together to network, collaborate and share ideas. They also tweet out relevant news in the BI space and have an interactive site that you can use to join together with like-minded individuals.

8. Morten Middelfart (@dr_morton): Morten is the inventor of TARGIT, and one of the premier business intelligence and analytics solutions providers in the world. He’s a believer that human synergy with big data and analytics and machine defines future winners. He’s also the CIO of DNABARCODE, an organization that is using data to study tumors in an effort to cure cancer. He’s also an avid skydiver.

9. Dataconomy (@DataconomyMedia): They cover all things big data, focusing on data science, machine learning, database technology and business intelligence and analytics. They tweet out tons of interesting content, and a lot of it has a pop culture spin.

10. Marcus Borba (@marcusborba): Borba is your follow for big data as it relates to business and enterprise. He is the CTO at Spark Strategic Business Solution and a member at Boulder BI Brain Trust. He’s passionate about big data, analytics, business intelligence, data science and the Internet of Things. Check out his blog here.

Now get out there and start chirping! Just don’t forget to seal your tweets with #BigData.

Be sure to follow to follow me on Twitter @BigData_Review for technology news, opinions, best practices, and buying information on everything business intelligence, data integration, and most importantly, big data!

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