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What is a Modern Business Intelligence Platform?

Modern Business Intelligence platforms offer end-to-end capabilities, enabling users to take advantage of self-service to answer questions. Gartner defined modern BI in their most recent Magic Quadrant report, saying: “The evolution and sophistication of the self-service data preparation and data discovery capabilities available in the market has shifted the focus of buyers in the BI and analytics platform market — toward easy-to-use tools that support a full range of analytic workflow capabilities and do not require significant involvement from IT to predefine data models upfront as a prerequisite to analysis.”

Datameer’s CEO builds upon these ideas in this video for Big Data & Brews, explaining that forward-thinking enterprises are moving past IT-led BI and analytics solutions for offerings that can be managed autonomously by the end-user. Groschupf goes on to explain what third-generation BI is, which puts all the necessary tools in the hands of the business user and requires very little intervention from IT. As a result, the time to insight is much shorter, and users can answer more complex questions in a shorter period of time. He finishes by touching on the role that Hadoop now plays in BI, saying that so much more analytics can be done via Hadoop than through traditional NoSQL frameworks.

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Check out the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics for an even more thorough explanation of what makes a modern Business Intelligence platform.

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