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What to Expect at Databricks’ Data + AI Summit 2024 June 10-13

What to Expect at Databricks’ upcoming Data + AI Summit 2024 on June 10-13 entitled: Data Intelligence For All.

What is the Data + AI Summit?

Data and AI Summit brings together the global community to deliver on the promise of data intelligence for all. Your pass gives you free access to a host of special events across four days in San Francisco. Attend parties and get-togethers, networking opportunities, meetups and specialist panels, such as the Women in Data discussion.

With 10 tracks and over 20 technologies to learn about, get the right experience for your level. And the show was built with your industry in mind: financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, communications, public sector, retail, energy, and more.

Solutions Review editors bring this market-making conference to your attention because we’ve hosted Databricks for insightful shows on Enabling AI at Scale and Accelerating the GenAI Lifecycle, and we’re looking forward to an upcoming broadcast on the Impact of Bad Data on GenAI. The June Data + AI Summit is expected to be a great value.

Why You Should Attend

  • For data engineers: Broaden your knowledge and expand your skills by learning from industry experts and your peers how to deliver high-quality, reliable data for every use case from BI to AI.
  • For data scientists: Learn how lakehouse and tools like MLflow can accelerate productionization of models, increase productivity, reduce risk and increase ROI on new models.
  • For data architects: Architects require a future-proof, unified platform that facilitates all analytics and AI on one data copy, catering to diverse data types while ensuring organization-wide security and governance.
  • For data executives: Learn how the lakehouse architecture unifies data, analytics and AI on a single platform for better performance, lower TCO and faster innovation.

Featured Speakers

  • Ali Ghodsi – Co-Founder and CEO @ Databricks
  • Matei Zaharia – Chief Technologist @ Databricks (and original creator of Apache Spark)


Databricks is one of the most widely used advanced analytics platforms in the world. Databricks offers a unified analytics platform that allows users to prepare and clean data at scale and continuously train and deploy machine learning models for AI applications. The product handles all analytic deployments, ranging from ETL to model training and deployment.


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