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Yellowfin 9.4 Brings Enhanced Data Storytelling and Governance

Yellowfin 9.4 Brings Enhanced Data Storytelling and Governance
Yellowfin 9.4 Brings Enhanced Data Storytelling and Governance

Source: Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin has announced the release of Yellowfin 9.4, the latest version of its flagship business intelligence and data analytics platform. The update is highlighted by new features that expand the ability to share Stories and insights more widely, as well as capabilities for ensuring consistent governance in the user experience when building dashboards and reports. The release comes on the heels of Yellowfin’s 9.3 release, which added new features that enable users to combine analytics capabilities to get the desired experience.

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Yellowfin is an Australia-based BI and analytics company that specializes in dashboards and data visualization. The product features a machine learning algorithm called Assisted Insights that provides automatic answers in the form of easy-to-understand best practice visualizations and narratives. Yellowfin comes pre-built with a variety of dashboards, and users can embed interactive reports into third-party platforms, such as a web page, wiki, or company intranet.

Yellowfin 9.4 now includes more than 20 display, font, and style fixes, AES 256-encryption, and a new option to automatically email long-running PDF exports when finished. Users can also save Stories to PDF so others can share their insights outside the platform. The JavaScript API now includes support for Yellowfin Stories, making them embeddable with a link. A new Super Users role enables administrators to easily manage any user’s public and private content as well. Finally, users can share Stories everywhere via the guest user role.

In addition to all the new functionality, Yellowfin is adding numerous fixes and refinements to the user interface and user experience so customers can take advantage of improved dashboard and report scaling.

Watch Yellowfin 9.4 Release on YouTube to learn more.

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