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Yellowfin 9.6 Release Touts New Data Storytelling Feed

Yellowfin 9.6 Release Touts New Data Storytelling Feed
Yellowfin 9.6 Release Touts New Data Storytelling Feed

Source: Yellowfin

Yellowfin BI recently announced the launch of Yellowfin 9.6, headlined by a new Data Storytelling feature that enables dashboard designers to incorporate relevant Stories in a dashboard. The Data Storytelling Feed is enabled by Yellowfin Stories, originally released in Yellowfin 8. It lets users combine written, long-form analysis with embedded images, text, video or snapshots of analytical content from Yellowfin.

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Yellowfin is an Australia-based BI and analytics company that specializes in dashboards and data visualization. The product features a machine learning algorithm called Assisted Insights that provides automatic answers in the form of easy-to-understand best practice visualizations and narratives. Yellowfin comes pre-built with a variety of dashboards, and users can embed interactive reports into third-party platforms, such as a web page, wiki, or company intranet.

Yellowfin 9.6 bring Story Templates which can be created based on existing Stories from the Data Storytelling Feed. Story Filters allow authors to dynamically filter embedded analytic content directly within a Story and save configurations against the published versions. Visualizations have also been enhanced on the Chart Builder so analysts can perform deeper customizations with new options for chart axis valued and labels, category spacing, and sorting.

In a media statement on the news, Yellowfin CEO Glen Rabie said: “As analytic capabilities expand, the demand for a new analytics experience beyond traditional dashboards and users is increasing. Our Signals and Story products are unique and combining feeds from both products with our exceptional action-based dashboards, enables Yellowfin to deliver a unified, consumer-focused analytics experience to our customers who are looking to use data in more decisions.”

Read Yellowfin 9.6 release highlights in the company’s blog or watch Yellowfin 9.6 Release on YouTube to learn more.

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