Yellowfin BI Adds Automated Analysis and Insight Generation to Analytics Portfolio

Yellowfin BI Adds Automated Analysis and Insight Generation to Analytics Portfolio

Source: Yellowfin

Yellowfin BI has announced the release and availability of two new tools aimed at simplifying data analytics. Yellowfin Signals and Yellowfin Stories enable organizations to automate data analysis and generate a common understanding from it. The solutions are available as standalone offerings or as part of the larger Yellowfin Suite of products with pricing based on server core and user seats.

Yellowfin has high customer ratings for ease of use and feature functionality. The company’s data platform is a viable option for organizations that wish to deploy BI and analytics in the cloud. The most prominent use case for Yellowfin is embedded BI, and the tool offers a completely web-based user interface. Yellowfin is an ideal option for mid-sized organizations, while the platform offers some of the best social sharing and collaboration features of any of the tools in the marketplace.

Yellowfin Signals automatically discovers and surfaces critical changes in business data, and alerts business users as changes occur. It runs on a continuous basis, where it routinely analyzes available data looking for trends, patterns, or other changes. This functionality is achieved without logging into a dashboard or performing manual data discovery.

Yellowfin Stories is a data-storytelling product that allows users to create ‘stories’ that provide context and narratives. It lets users embed live reports from multiple dashboard vendors, so all the key information is viewable in a single shareable story. The tool is aimed at improving knowledge sharing, collaboration, and communication within organizations.

In a statement to Solutions Review, the company’s Chief of Technology Brad Scarff said: “There are serious shortcomings with modern BI platforms.  They’re not meeting the needs of businesses. Yellowfin Signals was designed for busy users who just need to know what they need to know. Yellowfin Stories provides a powerful new medium for communicating data inside of organizations. Our vision is to help businesses get to the why faster. Yellowfin Signals and Story certainly do that.”

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