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Yellowfin BI Unveils New Data Analytics Mobile App

Yellowfin BI Unveils New Data Analytics Mobile App
Yellowfin BI Unveils New Data Analytics Mobile App

Source: Yellowfin

Yellowfin BI has announced the release of a new companion data analytics mobile app that deliberately focuses on the needs of data consumers. The app is highlighted by a Timeline feed that utilizes a familiar social media-style interface that allows users to automatically discover, collaborate and act on real-time insights through Yellowfin Signals and Stories.

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Yellowfin is an Australia-based BI and analytics company that specializes in dashboards and data visualization. Their platform features a machine learning algorithm called Assisted Insights that provides automatic answers in the form of easy-to-understand best practice visualizations and narratives. Yellowfin comes pre-built with a variety of dashboards, and users can embed interactive reports into third-party platforms, such as a web page, wiki, or company intranet.

The Yellowfin data analytics mobile app allows users to stay up-to-date by viewing and taking action on signals, sharing changes with others, reading stories, and connecting with other people in their organization. As part of the broader Yellowfin analytics suite, the new app combines automated analysis, storytelling and collaboration.

In a statement to Solutions Review regarding the new app release, the company’s CEO Glen Rabie told us: “What I think is fantastic about our new mobile app is that it makes automated analysis and data stories come to life.  The immediacy of viewing changes in your business from a mobile device is terrific and reading data stories whilst on the go is just so convenient.  I can’t wait for all our customers to have the chance to experience it for themselves.”

The new Yellowfin data analytics mobile app requires the latest version of Yellowfin. Current customers can also use sample data within the app. It is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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