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Achieve Process Improvement Through Automation

Achieve Process Improvement Through Automation

Achieve Process Improvement Through Automation

Business processes are the foundation in which organizations run. They define how certain tasks are done, and because businesses are constantly changing, how those tasks respond to internal and external pressures. Improving them is critical if you want your business to grow successfully. Process improvement can enable organizations to make small, incremental changes that will provide greater value in the long run. With a few simple steps, your business can become even more effective and impactful.

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In a recent whitepaper from FlowForma titled, “Process Improvement Through Automation,” author Kevin Craine discusses how businesses around the world are rushing to explore digital initiatives, arguing that Microsoft Office 365, a familiar platform for collaboration and office productivity, is the perfect tool for organizations looking to enable process automation.

While Office 365 is seen as a tool that provides many important functions, it is also one that is perceived as lacking in some areas, needing add-ons to enhance its capabilities in key areas like workflow and records management; and in particular, process automation.

According to AIIM research, Information Management: Connecting and Optimizing Office 365, 75% of organizations recognize that process automation is a must, but many users feel that the Office 365 environment does not provide the tools needed to automate. Forty six percent say they lack the features needed to maximize the usefulness of Office 365. And despite the majority of companies and organizations claiming they do a “fair job” both managing and maintaining their business processes, they do recognize that there is room for further improvement and development. As a result, 22% plan to purchase BPM tools to improve their Office 365 implementation.

Available here, Craine provides readers with three important characteristics when looking for a process automation solution. “You already have Office 365, so why not enhance it with process improvement and automation? In today’s world of digital transformation, the key focus of companies has shifted, from cost saving initiatives as a primary driver, to enabling their people to do more through the successful adoption of digital technologies.”

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