2020 Vendors to Know: Managed Cloud Services (Cloud MSPS)

2020 Vendors to Know: Managed Cloud Services

Solutions Review’s listing of the Vendors to Know: Managed Cloud Services is a mashup of products that best represent current market conditions, according to the crowd. Our editors selected the managed cloud services vendors listed here based on each solution’s Authority Score, our meta-analysis of real user sentiment through the web’s most trusted business software review sites, and our own proprietary five-point inclusion criteria.

Who are the Vendors to Know in Managed Cloud Services in 2020?

The editors at Solutions Review continually research the most prominent and influential managed cloud services vendors to assist buyers in search of the tools befitting the needs of their organization. Choosing the right managed cloud services vendor can be a complicated process; it requires constant market research and often comes down to more than just the solution and its technical capabilities. To make your search a little easier, we listed the 24 Vendors to Know in Managed Cloud Services.

Note: Companies are listed in alphabetical order.

2nd Watch

2nd Watch is a cloud-native managed service provider that has been an AWS audited managed service provider since 2015. The company helps clients deploy IaaS and PaaS solutions and designs and builds DevOps automation and orchestration tools. 2nd Watch provides management and consultancy services for clients at every stage of a lift and shift cloud migration.

8K Miles

8K Miles is an AWS managed service provider with a background in security solutions; they work with clients to help create a smooth cloud transformation. The 8K Miles solutions portfolio are offered as elastic subscription-based services that scale to match client needs, and can be deployed in cloud, on-premise, or hybrid models. Using specific methodologies and delivery models, 8K Miles helps organizations implement DevOps without disrupting client operations.


Accenture is a managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud offering cloud services and cloud-based solutions involving strategy, consulting, and operations. Accenture currently offers over 85 vertically scaled, industry-specific cloud solutions, which are driven by 17 distinct business groups. To assist clients who are making their transition to the cloud, Accenture provides multiple cloud transformation solutions that span the whole onboarding process.


AllCloud is an AWS and Salesforce managed service provider formed from a merger between Emind and Blat Lapidot, both of which have a background in cloud. AllCloud supplies managed cloud expertise, capability, and manpower to assist customers in achieving operational excellence in their cloud deployment. Its methodology establishes goals, assessing a client’s current systems, and creating a custom plan for onboarding and managing a cloud environment.


Avanade is a professional services and managed service provider for Azure. Avanade was created to help enterprises with Microsoft technologies. Clients can utilize this background to improve their tools and practices for Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Windows 10, integrating these technologies to work alongside their Azure deployments. Avanade also informs customers on how they can implement a layered cloud security strategy across their infrastructure.


Capgemini is a Paris-based managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud that has offices in areas all across the globe. Capgemini’s cloud migration experts help enterprises select applications and workloads to migrate onto the cloud based on their suitability and complexity. As part of its cloud transformation strategy, Capgemini deploys software as a service solutions and integrates them into a client’s infrastructure.


Cloudnexa is an AWS managed service provider that offers specific expertise in managed cloud, DevOps, security, compliance, and application support. The core Cloudnexa managed services suite includes continuous account review, which provides an approach that details cloud deployments from start to finish. It also focuses on DevOps, security services, and application development and modernization, and helps companies to design web applications.


Cloudreach is a hyperscale managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. They offer two different types of managed cloud services: services that prepare a client’s systems, processes, and culture for the cloud, and services that helps clients optimize their returns and open them up to new opportunities. Cloudreach’s cloud transformation services helps clients optimize multiple aspects of business operations.


Cognizant is a professional services company and managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Their cloud services include consulting, operations, migration, security, and enterprise resource planning. Cognizant’s Cloud Operate is an end-to-end hybrid cloud offering that caters to multiple delivery models, including IaaS, PaaS, and microservices. Services for Cloud Operate include monitoring, provisioning, security, governance, and APM.


Deloitte is a professional services company and managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The company helps clients that need full support designing, building, and running their cloud. Deloitte’s OpenCloud allows the company to accelerate and automate best practices for a client’s cloud deployments, including hybrid cloud and multicloud. Combined with Deloitte’s experience and resource pool, it provides customers with a flexible cloud strategy.

DXC Technology

DXC Technology is a managed service provider for AWS and Azure established from the merger between CSC and the Enterprise Services business of HPE. They focus on providing managed cloud services and building a unique blueprint that enable customers to deploy hybrid IT and hybrid cloud environments. The DXC Agility Platform is a cloud management platform that automates the deployment, management, and governance of cloud applications.

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Its services range from migration to building cloud-native applications. HCL’s approach to cloud revolves around their Mode 1-2-3 strategy; each mode consists of processes for different levels of cloud computing. A large portion of HCL’s strategy is building and migrating applications to the cloud, and its cloud-native infrastructure helps customers design or migrate apps to work effectively in the cloud.

Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara is an IT solutions and managed services provider that offers managed cloud for AWS. Its managed cloud portfolio focuses on cloud adoption and migration, as well as providing end-to-end cloud services. Hitachi Enterprise Cloud is a managed hybrid cloud as a service offering that can be deployed in VMware and cloud-native environments. The company provides prebuilt templates for cloud operation and consolidated cloud billing based on elastic consumption.


Infosys is an IT services company and managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. They deliver applications, services, infrastructure, and more, working as a partner to help enterprises create a unified view of the enterprise cloud ecosystem. The Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem is Infosys’ primary suite of managed services; it is divided into three stages: advise, build, and co-evolve.


Logicworks is a hybrid IT solutions vendor and managed service provider for AWS and Azure. It provides infrastructure services for industries that have complex security requirements in industries. A major focus of Logicworks’ cloud strategy is cloud security, helping clients maintain compliance and defend against threats. It assists customers in deploying best practices for DevSecOps, secure cloud automation, and optimizing their cloud environment.

Maven Wave

Maven Wave is a managed service provider for Google Cloud. Its managed services offerings include usage support, security and performance monitoring, incident response, environment maintenance, and account management. Maven Wave helps clients with building cloud or mobile applications on Google Cloud Platform. Its app development services include agile and waterfall delivery expertise, program management, and integrated solution-building capabilities.


Mission is an AWS managed service provider formed in 2018 when providers Reliam, Stratalux, and G2 Tech Group merged together. Mission reviews your account to examine your security, compliance, and networking readiness, as well as connecting you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to consult with. If a client is migrating to the cloud, Mission supplies migration readiness, planning, and implementation services supplied by Mission’s migration experts.

NTT Data

NTT Data is an IT services and managed cloud services provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The company has a strong emphasis on helping customers migrate and modernize applications onto the cloud, as well as replacing outdated client architectures with enterprise-grade cloud technologies. NTT Data offers a suite of cloud transformation services to help businesses prepare their current and future infrastructure to be cloud-ready.


Onica is an AWS managed service provider launched by CorpInfo as its AWS managed services division. It has specific services for cloud adoption, application modernization, and managed cloud operations. Cloud OpsPilot combines Onica cloud management tools with a team of AWS certified engineers that help customers maintain their AWS environment. The platform also contains Cloud Optimizer, which provides best practices for cost leveraging AWS deployments.


Rackspace is a cloud security solutions vendor and managed cloud services provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. It offers management capabilities for public, private, hybrid, and multicloud deployments depending on the customer’s needs and current cloud solutions. Rackspace unifies cloud management through a centralized cross-platform solution designed to reduce the complexity of keeping track of multiple cloud environments.


Smartronix is an IT solutions vendor and managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Through its cloud automation tools and incident response capabilities, the company has a focus in cloud security and compliance. Its core managed service offerings include solutions like monitoring, SLA management, incident response, log aggregation, data backup, and billing management.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is a managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Its managed cloud services focus on app transformation and modernization. The CMA suite includes advisory, assessment, implementation, and managed services to help clients design cloud-native applications built to run in a hybrid cloud deployment. TCS offers the Intelligent Cloud Migration Continuum to allow businesses to automate and secure their cloud migration process.


TierPoint is a managed service provider for Microsoft Azure. The company offers a managed Azure solution that provides an integrated approach to planning and implementation, reducing the complexity of moving to the cloud. Managed Azure is a key component of TierPoint’s hybrid IT approach. TierPoint helps determine which workloads will work best in the cloud and supports different of IT environments, allowing users to leverage a single cloud provider.


Wipro is an IT services company and managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. ServiceNXT works to optimize applications, infrastructure, and security. It can be deployed on-premises or as a service, and also comes with options for application management services. Wipro has significant experience in other forms of IT, such as analytics, consulting, and product engineering, making them able to take care of enterprise needs from a variety of perspectives.

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