What Important Questions Would You Ask a Software-as-a-Service Provider BEFORE Making a Deal?

What Important Questions Would You Ask a Software-as-a-Service Provider BEFORE Making a Deal?

Oh the humanity! Where does one even start when looking to leverage a new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, within this rapidly changing tech-scape?! It’s to hard to keep current on the great new offerings from vendors large and small, all looking to better your business processes and make you and your employees’ lives easier. There are several tips out there from vendors that might give a business a great start as they head to market for a new solution. But what questions would the most experienced users suggest to ask a potential vendor, to help them forego wasted time, money and services on a product that promises the world, but may not deliver? I’ve listed some very basic questions, but wonder, what would those who have been through the implementation process recommend to a first time cloud compute solution investor? Let us, and your fellow cloud community know!

1. Does the cloud provider offer modern SaaS based solutions as a suite? This will allow the business to scale it’s capabilities as it grows.

2. Is the service tailored to my unique business needs, is it simple to use, and intuitive?

3. Does your cloud provider offer data analytics capabilities, or enterprise content management features to offer better insight into my business processes?

4. Can you unify SaaS based info, private cloud(s), on-premise and 3rd party SaaS services to streamline business operations?

5. Can business processes be quickly and easily modified to respond to business needs and growth?

6. How does the cloud provider manage security on an enterprise scale? Does the cloud provider operate and manage any of their own data centers?

Tell us more! Leave your input in the comments and we may feature your question suggestions in our cloud computing buyer’s guide, and other new resources we are developing this year! Stay tuned!

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