How aPaaS Solutions Effortlessly Streamline Business Operations in Days

How Application Platform as a Service Products Can Streamline Business Operations

The demand for modern, smart, custom applications to improve business process or create customer-facing applications, is on the rise. Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) products are growing so rapidly, that development platforms have shifted to offering low-code or no code options. This will accommodate builders who have little to no development experience, but want the flexibility to generate new products quickly. aPaas solutions can change the way businesses innovate, by streamlining tasks and adding new functions to everyday business processes.

Keeping Up With Times

Apps help businesses grow, and to embrace this modality is to keep pace with competition, and remain current with the tech capabilities of today.

If you don’t provide users with a great enterprise app, it’s likely they might take their business elsewhere. We need apps to keep pace with the changing landscape of finance, and communication. Keep your in-house low-code app development tools close, and the people who dream-up new app uses and abilities, closer.

Create Apps with Minimal Coding

Case in point, Imagine a tool like Caspio’s Visual Application Builder- a tool that allows businesses to create database applications with no coding and no development skills.

Using step-by-step wizards, the platform guides you through the creation of every part of application dev with easy to understand instructions. What used to take weeks or months can now be completed in minutes or hours. Don’t fear the aPaaS.

Build Any Kind of Application

Deliver business, consumer, web or mobile apps- Sky’s the limit. aPaaS development platforms are helping organizations everywhere dream up new tools for consumers and even special apps for employees to access and communicate on off-hours. Brad Blaicher, General Manager with explained his experience using Casio’s aPaaS:

“Caspios Professional Services team was able to take my ideas for the application, develop it, and get it launched in about 7 weeks. It helped us save 3 to 4 months of payroll, and we started generating revenues earlier than we thought.”

Once you have access to the easy development tools that aPaas vendors offer, which allow ANYONE to spin up a quick app to address a problem, or fill a gap- you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

Leverage the power of apps quickly 

One of the best things about low-code platforms is that businesses can get started, and shortly thereafter, launch low code creations within the first few days of training- unlike traditional business process management suites.

“Speed is crucial in introducing new disruptive products, engaging and responding to customers across different channels, and adapting existing services based on shifting competitive drivers,” according to the Forrester Wave: Low-Code Development Platforms, 2016 report . “This relentless focus on “digital speed” is forcing application development and delivery leaders to reach for new approaches and platforms that enable delivery of new apps in days and weeks, instead of months.”

Learn more by downloading Gartner’s 2016 Application Platforms as a Service Magic Quadrant to understand more about the aPaaS vendor landscape, and the solutions they have to offer your growing business.