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Cloud Platform Solutions Buyers Guide: 2016 Product Feature Review

Cloud Platform Solutions Buyer's Guide: 2016 Market Trend Review

Solutions Review is dedicated to making the world of enterprise technology more comprehensive by delivering easy-to-use buyers guides, articles that describe industry best practices and by delivering breaking technology news.

Product vendor buyers guides are a necessary resource for buyers who are in the market for a new technology. Detailed reviews written by IT professionals often document ease of appropriation, describe satisfaction with products and offer suggestions for those who are new to the market. Unfortunately, authentic product reviews are often hard to come by.

To address this need for honest experience reviews without the marketing hyperbole, Solutions Review has developed a Cloud Computing Platform Vendor Buyers Guide. This free resource tempers perspectives from knowledgeable IT professionals with our knowledge of market trends and news, allowing consumers clear insight into cloud computing product capabilities in 2016.

You may be familiar with the popular cloud solutions providers like Amazon Web Service,  Microsoft Azure and Oracle, but have you considered other cloud products that may suit your specific business needs? This article explores several cloud computing vendors (both in and outside of our buyer’s guide) and the progressive features and capabilities that make each solution unique.

Cloud computing revolves around API’s,  platforms, infrastructures and X-aaS that run capabilities on top and below, on the side, or from another service entirely! It’s a confusing landscape and leveraging a cloud solution is like putting a together a jigsaw puzzle as you go along, that will hopefully result in a  perfect reflection of your businesses architecture needs.

Featured in our buyer’s guide, vendor, Citrix offers it’s solution: ‘CloudPlatform’,  which provides users an application-centric, cloud orchestration platform, that features an open architecture, and menu-driven web interface for ease of use. Leverage this tool to create whats called, a cloud orchestration platform. Choose the hypervisor, storage and network technologies that are right for your cloud, and leverage industry standard Amazon Web Service APIs and the rich partner ecosystem to expand and integrate value added solutions and services.

As a means to manage your platforms, infrastructures and apps, solutions provider, Cloudyn, enables enterprises to monitor and optimize hybrid cloud deployments by providing unprecedented insights derived from operational and financial metrics. The vendor offers solutions to help manage AWS, Google, Azure and OpenStack. Cloudyn describes it’s solution:

“The SaaS solution delivers visibility into usage, performance & cost, coupled with actionable recommendations for maximizing performance & streamlining clouds for accelerated growth.”

Now, if cost is weighing heavily on your mind as you search for an affordable cloud platform, check out Jelastic, a cloud solution that provides a per-server subscription or revenue share program that allows enterprises to reduce private cloud costs by up to 90%, via no-risk revenue share model. Jelastic also offers a pay-per-use model, where developers pay only for resources used, not reserved- a fully flexible pricing model that saves up to 72% over traditional vendors. See their website for more information on this innovative payment option.


Solution Review’s Cloud Platform Vendor Buyer’s Guide features vendor, Joyent, who is changing the capabilities of cloud computing with their cloud management solution. Made for server and network virtualization, operations management and self service, the software that runs the Joyent Cloud can be used to provide, public, private, and hybrid clouds on customer premises. Joyent describes the features, “By delivering a container-native infrastructure, we offer organizations high-performance, yet simple public cloud and private cloud software solutions for today’s demanding real-time web and mobile applications.”

For an all-inclusive cloud solution that tailors to businesses ‘like a fine suit’, vendor, Raindance, specializes in designing, building, running, and supporting cloud and automation solutions for enterprises with a need for a hybrid or heterogeneous cloud solution. Raindance consults with customers to identify their specific needs and deliver solutions that precisely meet business and technical objectives.

“Whether you want to build it or buy it, Raindance can get you there. We’re independent 3rd party consultants that have been focused on delivering cloud and automation use cases to enterprise customers since 2008.”

Whether you are a publicly traded corporation, a government institution or even a small to medium-sized business, the benefits of a cloud platform are absolutely worth investigating today. There is a solution for everyone, from small groups to multi-national organizations and our job is to help you get started evaluating providers. In this Buyers Guide, we have selected 28 cloud computing solutions as a way to narrow things down a bit. Use it, and share it with our colleagues.

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