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CRN 2021 Solution Provider 500: 8 Cloud Service Providers to Watch

CRN 2021 Solution Provider 500: 8 Cloud Service Providers to Watch

CRN 2021 Solution Provider 500: 8 Cloud Service Providers to Watch

Solutions Review lists the eight top cloud managed service providers, according to the CRN 2021 Solution Provider 500 list. 

IT news and analysis outlet CRN recently released its 2021 Solution Provider 500 list, a ranking of managed technology service providers that solution providers should be aware of. Though the list is aimed at highlighting software vendors for the purposes of solution provider partnering, Solutions Review is most interested in highlighting the vendors that offer unique products and platforms for enterprise organizations. As such, we’ve read through the complete CRN rankings, available here, to analyze the cloud managed service providers we think matter most.

Note: Companies are listed in alphabetical order.

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Accenture is a managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud offering cloud services and cloud-based solutions involving strategy, consulting, and operations. They provide help with security, scalability, migration, and agility, as well as defining support roles and using automation to infuse intelligence into IT service delivery. Accenture’s cloud services range from general-purpose for all enterprises to vertical-specific solutions that are tailor-made for businesses in different industries, with a reach that spans across the globe.


Avanade, founded in 2000 by Microsoft and Accenture, is a professional services and managed service provider for Azure. The company runs independently of both of its parent companies and assists customers in getting the most out of their Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Azure. Avanade boasts that it has more Microsoft Certified Professionals working on Azure than any other company, delivering a set of managed Azure services and years of knowledge in designing, building, and deploying enterprise-grade solutions for the platform.


Capgemini is a Paris-based managed service provider for AWS and Azure that has offices all across the globe. Its enterprise-grade public cloud managed services enable companies to deploy the public cloud as a business solution, helping users identify and migrate the workloads suitable for their cloud deployments. In addition to their public cloud IaaS managed services, Capgemini assists businesses in integrating public cloud services with their other enterprise IT solutions.


Cognizant is a professional services company and managed service provider for AWS and Azure. The vendor’s cloud services include consulting, operations, migration, security, and enterprise resource planning. Cognizant’s cloud management services define optimal operations framework for continuous delivery across private, public, or hybrid cloud models. The company can develop a wide range of cloud applications for various compliance-regulated industries. Cognizant offers services for all major hyper-scale cloud infrastructure providers.

NTT Data

NTT Data, a subsidiary of the Japanese company NTT, is an IT services and managed cloud services provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The company places a strong emphasis on helping customers migrate and modernize their applications onto the cloud, as well as helping to replace outdated client architectures with enterprise-grade cloud technologies. NTT Data also pulls experience from other NTT departments to offer other services, including enterprise networks, identity access management, and managed security.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is a global IT vendor and managed service provider for AWS and Azure. The company’s managed cloud services focus on app transformation and modernization. With reach in international markets and a focus on mid-size to large enterprises, TCS has experience working with enterprises of varying industries and backgrounds — including banking, media, insurance, and energy. In addition, Tata Consultancy Services has a variety of technology offerings that clients can use to supplement their managed cloud.


TierPoint is an IT services and managed service provider for Microsoft Azure. The company offers a managed Azure solution that provides an integrated approach to planning and implementation, reducing the complexity of moving to the cloud. The vendor owns over 40 data centers within 20 markets and eight cloud pods, all connected via a coast-to-coast network. TierPoint’s solution portfolio includes private, managed hyper-scale, and hybrid cloud environments, alongside network services and disaster recovery.


Wipro is a managed service provider for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The company has years of experience creating apps for enterprises on major hyper-scale cloud providers; since Wipro is familiar with each cloud, the vendor is equipped to help clients with migrating to and managing multi-cloud deployments. In addition to cloud, Wipro has significant experience in other forms of IT, such as analytics, consulting, and product engineering, making them able to take care of enterprise cloud needs from a variety of perspectives.

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