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Free Webinar: Deploying an App with Docker Compose!

Free Webinar: Deploying an App with Docker Compose!

Codementor will host a free webinar, Wed, Nov 30, 03:00 PM (PST) to explain how to use Docker Compose for Development and Small Live Deployments. Codementor offers 1:1 tutors, whether you are a beginner looking for a coding tutor or an experienced engineer looking for expert guidance.

Many situations, like creating a MVP or doing development work, do not require that heavy baggage that comes along with Swarm and technologies like Consul. In this Office Hours, James will introduce Docker and Docker Compose and how he uses them for development and small live deployments.

In future Office Hours, James hopes to get into the more complex Docker Swarm, but this Office Hours will delve into using simpler tools for simpler deployments. You will see how you can use Docker Compose to organize your images, and we’ll see an example of how to use Docker to deploy a simple Flask App.

Some prior knowledge of Docker would be nice, but some time will be spent talking about what Docker is and its ecosystem in general.

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