Hackers Aren’t as Big of a Threat to Cloud Security as You May Think

Hackers Aren’t as Big of a Threat to Cloud Security as You May ThinkFor the most part, the concerns people have with cloud PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS cloud computing platforms have to do with the fear of being hacked by an outside source, especially in the public cloud.

If your only reservation about cloud computing is a fear of hackers in the public cloud, it is misplaced. While outside hackers are something you need to consider with cloud, it’s the way that you control your stored data that will really make or break your cloud security.

According to an article by David Linthicum for InfoWorld, the degree of security, whether within cloud-based or on-premise systems is determined by two factors; the planning and technology that goes into engineering the security solution and your organization’s ability to operate systems in proactive and secure ways.

Although the data is no longer in your complete control on your premises, it is still your data. Even though you can’t physically enter your server room and stand next to your data, you are still in control of both the data and the layers of security guarding it.

There are very few, if any public cloud providers that don’t allow this configuration so your data is only as vulnerable in the public cloud as you allow it to be.

There haven’t been too many huge data breaches in business public clouds, but the largest cloud security threat remains to be the lack of qualified cloud developers, engineers, architects and security experts who understand that it’s up to them how secure data in the cloud is.

Simple mistakes and overlooked details are a much bigger threat than any outside force looking for a way in.