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The Essential Amazon Web Services (AWS) Books for Cloud Professionals

The Essential Amazon Web Services (AWS) Books for Cloud Professionals

The Essential Amazon Web Services (AWS) Books for Cloud Professionals

Solutions Review compiles the most essential books on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that any cloud professional or IT administrator needs to add to their reading list.

Is your business running applications and workflows in Amazon Web Services? Knowing how to keep your AWS environment secure is critical. Books, whether hardcover or digital, are an excellent source for people looking to learn about a specific field of technology, and AWS is no exception. We’ve listed the top AWS books that you should add to your reading list. These books are intended for beginners and experts alike and are written by authors with proficiency and/or recognition in the field of Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services Bootcamp: Develop a scalable, reliable, and highly available cloud environment with AWS

by Sunil Gulabani

“AWS is at the forefront of Cloud Computing today. Businesses are adopting AWS Cloud because of its reliability, versatility, and flexible design. The main focus of this book is teaching you how to build and manage highly reliable and scalable applications and services on AWS. It will provide you with all the necessary skills to design, deploy, and manage your applications and services on the AWS cloud platform.”

Amazon Web Services in Action

by Andreas Wittig and Michael Wittig

Amazon Web Services in Action, Second Edition is a comprehensive introduction to deploying web applications in the AWS cloud. You’ll find clear, relevant coverage of all essential AWS services, with a focus on automation, security, high availability, and scalability. This thoroughly revised edition covers the latest additions to AWS, including serverless infrastructure with AWS Lambda, sharing data with EFS, and in-memory storage with ElastiCache.”

AWS: From Absolute Beginner to Expert. The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding and Learning Amazon Web Services Effortlessly

by Jason Rice

“This Amazon Web Services guide for beginners is for absolutely anyone seeking to learn the basics of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Even if you have never logged into the AWS platform before, we’ll guide you through the fundamentals of cloud computing, until you become more confident with the AWS concepts and terminology. I know you’re here to learn, so no programming knowledge is needed, and no prior AWS experience is required. We will walk you through the basics one step at a time.”

AWS: Amazon Web Services. A Complete Guide from Beginners to Advanced

by Steve Fedler

“AWS is currently grabbing the attention of every business owner and the organizations are trying their level best to incorporate the services within their business. Even if you have not tried the AWS offer for your web solution, it is high time that you do so. With the increase in competition in the web application sector, it is of utter importance to automate all your systems. As an owner, you are only supposed to focus on the required data for your application and the rest needs to be automated.”

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: AWS Cloud Practitioner Ultimate Cheat sheet, Practice Test Questions with Detailed Explanations and Links

by Hillary Morrison

“AWS Cloud Practitioner Ultimate Cheat sheet , Practice Test Questions with detailed Explanations and Links will help with the learning and preparation a person needs to successfully complete the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) course. The book has test questions at the end of each chapter to help gauge your understanding of each chapter. At the end of the book, there is a chapter with example exam questions to help prepare students for the CCP (CLF-C01) exam and assess how ready they are for it.”

AWS: The Most Complete Guide to Amazon Web Services from Beginner to Advanced Level

by Raoul Alongi

“Amazon Web Services offer on-demand cloud services created with customer satisfaction in mind. AWS is one of the best cloud services out there, but starting the tech can be tricky if you don’t have the right guide. This book was written exactly for anyone wanting to use cloud systems in their place of work, for the first time. It’s one of the only books on the market that holds your hand and guides you step by step to setting up Amazon Web Services for yourself. You won’t get this quality of cloud computing information anywhere else!”

AWS SysOps Administrator Online Training by Edureka

Cloud Computing Solutions Architect: A Hands-On Approach: A Competency-based Textbook for Universities and a Guide for AWS Cloud Certification and Beyond

by Arshdeep Bahga and Vijay Madisetti

“The typical reader is expected to have completed a couple of courses in programming […] and is either a senior or a beginning graduate student in one of the science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) fields. The reader is provided the necessary guidance and knowledge to develop working code for real-world cloud computing applications. Concurrent development of practical applications that accompanies traditional instructional material within the book further enhances the learning process, in our opinion.”

Hands-On Artificial Intelligence on Amazon Web Services: Decrease the time to market for AI and ML applications with the power of AWS

by Subhashini Tripuraneni and Charles Song

“From data wrangling through to translating text, you can accomplish this and more with the artificial intelligence and machine learning services available on AWS. With this book, you’ll work through hands-on exercises and learn to use these services to solve real-world problems. You’ll even design, develop, monitor, and maintain machine and deep learning models on AWS.”

Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS): A Hands-On Guide to the Fundamentals of AWS Cloud

by Wilkins Mark

“Top cloud trainer and evangelist Mark Wilkins teaches best practices that align with Amazon’s Well-Architected Framework, introduces key concepts in the context of a running case study, carefully explains how core AWS services operate and integrate, and offers extensively tested tips for maximizing flexibility, security, and value. Companion online videos guide you step-by-step through setting AWS compute, storage, networking, scale, security, automation, and more.”

Machine Learning in the AWS Cloud: Add Intelligence to Applications with Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Rekognition

by Abhishek Mishra

Machine Learning in the AWS Cloud introduces readers to the machine learning (ML) capabilities of the Amazon Web Services ecosystem and provides practical examples to solve real-world regression and classification problems. While readers do not need prior ML experience, they are expected to have some knowledge of Python and a basic knowledge of Amazon Web Services.”

Migrating to AWS: A Manager’s Guide: How to Foster Agility, Reduce Costs, and Bring a Competitive Edge to Your Business

by Jeff Armstrong

“Author Jeff Armstrong brings years of practical hands-on experience helping dozens of enterprises make this corporate change. You’ll explore real-world examples from many organizations that have made—or attempted to make—this wide-ranging transition. Once you read this guide, you’ll be better prepared to evaluate your migration objectively before, during, and after the process in order to ensure success.”

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