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The Top Cloud Computing Certifications for Cloud Professionals

The Top Cloud Computing Certifications for Cloud Professionals

The Top Cloud Computing Certifications for Cloud Professionals

If you want to showcase your expertise in a particular field of IT technology, you should consider studying for and earning some certifications. Certifications demonstrate that the holder has knowledge and skills for a specific tool, industry, or technology. Often, these certifications are offered by major vendors in that technology space, and that holds true for cloud computing as well. Leading cloud providers and cloud  all offer their own cloud certification series to those who exhibit proficiency for their cloud environment.

For businesses, these certifications show that your company and employees are skilled in cloud computing. They can also sign up their workers for cloud certifications in order to boost their company’s expertise. What are the best cloud certifications for cloud professionals to earn? We listed the top cloud computing certifications that any user of cloud solutions should consider earning.

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CompTIA Cloud certifications

Cost: $119 USD/$319 USD

For those who want or need to be certified on the basics of cloud computing, the CompTIA Cloud Essentials and Cloud+ certifications are the way to go. These are vendor-neutral certifications that aim to bring IT professionals up to speed on how to operate the cloud — specifically, how to implement the cloud, learn cloud computing terms, and improve productivity with cloud solutions. The Cloud Essentials certification is designed for managers or support staff that aren’t directly involved with developing or running cloud solutions, while the Cloud+ certification is for IT professionals.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect certifications

Cost: $150 USD/$300 USD

If your IT department builds and deploys solutions in AWS, then the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is for you. This certification shows that the recipient is able to successfully construct a tech solution using the AWS architecture and maintain it throughout its entire lifecycle. It requires hands-on experience developing and deploying solutions using AWS services, both ones that provide resources for the project and that help businesses manage and deliver them. IT professionals with more than two years of experience in developing AWS-powered solutions should also consider the Professional-grade Solutions Architect certification.

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification

Cost: $330 USD

For business and IT professionals that build solutions that run on Azure, the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification is a must-have. This certification demonstrates the ability to design applications, data platforms, containers, etc. using the Azure platform. Workers looking to earn this certification also need to know how to deploy and configured optimized infrastructures, determine workload requirements, and design business continuity strategies.

Google Professional Cloud Architect certification

Cost: $200 USD

For enterprises that heavily utilize Google Cloud to build solutions, the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification shows expertise in leveraging Google Cloud services. Not only does this certification indicate that the user is very familiar with the Google Cloud platform, it specifically shows that you can develop Google Cloud-driven business solutions. By earning this certification, users demonstrate that they’re able to build, secure, and manage a cloud architecture, optimize the solution’s technical and business processes, and configure the solution with security features.

Certified Cloud Security Professional certification

Cost: $599 USD

The (ISC)² offers the Certified Cloud Security Professional certification shows that the recipient knows how to build and manage secure cloud solutions. The certification covers cloud security best practices, policies, and procedures established by (ISC)² that demonstrates expertise in designing secure cloud solutions. While this certification requires more knowledge and experience than the other certifications on this list, it’s one of the most essential certifications for security professionals and cloud architects.

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