Three New Cloud Security Whitepapers from Leviathan Security Group

Three New Cloud Security Whitepapers from Leviathan Security GroupYesterday, Leviathan released three whitepapers on the value of cloud computing as it relates to security issues around data storage, in the areas of data availability, scarcity of expert security talent, and the infrastructure and hardware investment to set up new data storage solutions.

Each whitepaper focuses on a different aspect of cloud security and some of the questions that any enterprise or business should be considering when looking into cloud PaaS, SaaS or IaaS.

Some of the questions that they answer like, is cloud storage more or less secure than storing data in a local data center, are things that have been debated over time.

The first whitepaper offers a comparison between local and cloud storage. This paper answers whether cloud computing is able to provide a greater benefit than local data storage. They draw their conclusion by examining the major differences that local and cloud provide and the different scales of threats to availability to see which one fairs better and why.

The second whitepaper discusses the challenges of hiring sufficient cybersecurity expertise given the current talent pool and educational programs available. Finding the right people to fill each post related to cloud security is not easy. Every enterprise has a different structure just like every IT professional has a different educational and professional background.

The third whitepaper discusses the challenges around setting up local data storage for enterprises of all sizes and offers a comparison of price data between major local and cloud storage vendors. It answers the finance question; regardless which one is more secure, which is better for your budget?

They conclude that companies trying to build local storage solutions equivalent to cloud-based storage products face significant challenges, especially in hiring qualified security staff and in defending their data in the face of large-scale events such as tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

These whitepapers off a look into some of the most critical cloud platform questions and offer invaluable advice to anyone looking to integrate a cloud platform or make sure that their current cloud platform is the one best suited for them.