Three Ways to Use Cloud in a Startup

Three Ways to Use Cloud in a StartupThe cloud market is growing exponentially; established companies are finally finding out which cloud computing solution works for them,  but new startups are not always taking he time to assess all of their cloud platform options.

Startups need to take advantage of their time and choose a great solution right off the bat. A solution that’s scalable and will grow easily with the company, and one that the employees and potentially customers will have an easy time with and enjoy using.

According to an article written by Glen Tona for Forbes, here are the top three ways that can help startups maximize cloud potential:

  1. Free Access to the Cloud- Since many startups tend to be low on funds, it’s important to look at what’s available to startups for free cloud storage. For example, IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups is a program that offers up to $120,000 worth of cloud usage for free under certain terms and conditions. This allows IBM to further develop their cloud solution. Programs like this will allow for a startup to spend their limited funds on coding, building and scaling their innovations.
  2. Unlimited Access to Leading Cloud Tools- On top of a cloud infrastructure, startups need to have access to the latest deployment tools so they have a chance at competing with established companies. They can then build on top of these tools, to accelerate the innovation the tools can create.
  3. Ability to Get in Front of Large Companies- Make connections with larger companies. Startups are not always seen as competition to larger corporations, sometimes they can be potential partners. Young companies are inherently problem solvers and will provide key tools for solving some of the industry’s leading challenges.

Right now, startups are in a great position  to take advantage of free cloud storage programs and to get their foot in the door with larger companies when it comes to innovation. The most important thing to remember is to take advantage of these things as soon as possible and make the right choices at the beginning so the startup can flourish and in turn, help another startup come alive.