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Understand Cloud Computing by Watching These 5 YouTube Videos

Understand Cloud Computing by Watching These 5 YouTube Videos

Understand Cloud Computing by Watching These 5 YouTube Videos

Cloud computing involves operating computer functions and capabilities in a service access via an Internet-based platform. It’s commonly used for data computing, storage, and management that takes place off an enterprise’s local machines. Companies all around the world rely on the cloud to manage their data alongside creating and executing workflows. However, the concept of cloud computing has only been around for just over a decade, and many enterprise leaders don’t quite understand what the cloud actually is.

There are plenty of resources available to help you learn about cloud computing and its advantages. One such resource is YouTube, which has no shortage of videos that aim to teach viewers about how cloud computing works. From abstract concepts to in-depth tutorials and everything in-between, these videos are a great asset to have if you consider yourself at square one when it comes to cloud knowledge. Below, we’ve listed 5 YouTube videos that will help you to understand what cloud computing is, how it works, and why companies are using it.

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This video by HighTechDad, posted back in 2008, is still an incredible guide for people who have no idea what the cloud is. It was made when the concept of cloud computing was still relatively new, but the info is still relevant today. It focuses on cloud hosting, one of the earliest applications of the cloud. However, it mentions cloud concepts that are still extremely important, such as scalability of services and the pay-as-you-use price model. This video is an excellent first stepping stone for people who have heard about cloud computing but don’t quite know what exactly it is.

Techquickie released this video to explain how cloud computing works and provide some use cases in just under six minutes. He explains cloud computing on both an abstract and technical level and discusses the advantages of the cloud in three different applications: storage, gaming, and website building. The video contains good examples of how cloud computing compares to non-cloud solutions on both a cost and efficiency level. It also describes how users who have little technical knowledge can perform high-end tasks using a cloud service.

For a more in-depth introduction to cloud computing, Simplilearn’s cloud tutorial discusses the benefits of cloud over on-premise, including cloud deployment and service models. The video directly compares on-premise and cloud installations on factors like cost, integration, and management. You’ll also learn about deployment models (public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud) and service models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) with analogies that should make sense to beginners. Simplilearn also includes a live demo of AWS EC2 and AWS S3 to show the basics of computing and storage through AWS.

Christopher Barnatt, through his channel ExplainingComputers, goes over the differences between the three major cloud service models – SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. His video uses examples of each service to explain the pros and cons of each model and the best applications for each. Because most cloud tools fall under one of these three categories, this video is a great resource to learn what the provider of a cloud service will give you when you integrate their program.

If you want the full explanation of the basics of cloud computing, look no further than Eli the Computer Guy’s video on an introduction to the cloud. It’s nearly 77 minutes long, but covers everything you need to know about how the cloud works on a technical level. The video is a perfect resource for IT teams that need to be trained on how cloud computing works. While the video is more technical than the others on this list, you won’t find a better in-depth explanation on how the cloud operates and how enterprises can take advantage of it.

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