Wearable Technology Ups the Need for Cloud PaaS

Wearable Technology Ups the Need for Cloud PaaSThe appeal of wearable devices has grown with the new year, and  the small number of businesses providing their employees with wearables (6%) is expected to grow rapidly in the very near future. With this growth, there’s the question of data: How is data going to be dealt with?

The only way for wearables to work the way that enterprises intend them to is to use cloud computing to handle the data. As if companies needed another reason to move to cloud it they aren’t there already.

The Rackspace study, The Human Cloud: Wearable Technology for Novelty and Productivity (PDF) stated that one-third of employees would be willing to use wearable devices if they were supplied by employers.

With wearables the amount of data coming into and IT infrastructure, the amount of personal data will increase. People take their wearable devices everywhere and connect them to networks everywhere. In order for that data to be secure, there needs to be a secure cloud for them to be connected to.

“The rich data created by wearable tech will drive the rise of the ‘human cloud’ of personal data,” said Chris Brauer, co-director of CAST at Goldsmiths, University of London.

“With this comes countless opportunities to tap into this data; whether it’s connecting with third parties to provide more tailored and personalized services or working closer with healthcare institutions to get a better understanding of their patients.”

“Each new device or app generates gigabytes — even terabytes — of data per day. All that data needs its own back-end capability for sending, requesting, and processing information on a massive scale. This will stretch the limits of the old hardware, software, and data centers.”

Right now, some companies are forced to dump data that they deem “invaluable” because there is not enough room for them to store it and there is too much data for them to process.

It’s impractical at this point to look into getting new servers if your company is having the same problem with data. There is always going to be more data and the amount coming in daily, especially with mobile and wearable devices is growing exponentially. The most financially smart move to make for any size business is to move to a cloud PaaS that is highly scalable.

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