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What Is a Cloud Management Platform and Why Should You Use One?

What Is a Cloud Management Platform and Why Should You Use One?

What Is a Cloud Management Platform and Why Should You Use One?

Running and operating a cloud deployment isn’t as simple as it sounds. Businesses want to take advantage of the benefits the cloud can offer. However, they need to manage their cloud operations and resources in order to maintain efficiency. One way that companies can optimize their cloud deployments is by implementing a cloud management platform (CMP) solution.

A cloud management platform is a suite of tools designed to manage cloud computing resources in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment. Your enterprise can use a CMP to optimize its resource and service usage to keep cloud costs down. How can your business take advantage of a cloud management platform to achieve cloud excellence? Below, we’ve listed the basics of cloud management platforms and the benefits they can bring to your enterprise!

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What does a cloud management platform do?

At the fundamental level, a CMP allows users to manage their cloud resources through an orchestration suite that automates cloud management tasks. It must be able to provide full visibility into every cloud environment you’re running; this includes both public and private deployments. The CMP discovers resources in your cloud infrastructure and ensures that your enterprise is using them to the best of their abilities. CMPs typically automate orchestration tasks, meaning that it will automatically administrating management tasks to help optimize your resource usage.

What are the benefits of a cloud management platform?

Introducing a CMP to your enterprise can bring a number of advantages to your enterprise. Users may be able to work with their cloud environment successfully; however, if they aren’t managing their cloud resources, their company could be incurring potentially high costs. Reasons to integrate a cloud management platform include:

Self-service management

Most CMP solutions support self-service cloud resource management. This means that enterprises can provision resources for their cloud environment themselves rather than being delivered a set amount of resources. A CMP can help you determine if you are using the optimal amount of resources for your business needs. That can help you determine the correct amount of resources to request from your cloud provider in the future.

Cloud cost management

The biggest reason why enterprises want to manage their resource usage is to reduce costs. Resources that you aren’t using will just be a drain on your company’s finances. By managing your cloud operations to ensure that every resource is being used, you can optimize your cloud costs and reduce the amount of wasted spend.

Automated management policies

CMPs deliver automated cloud management policies and tasks to help utilize resources. A CMP platform is based on automatic orchestration; for example, it automates the process of finding spare resources on your network whenever you need them. Rather than waiting until your IT team discovers wasted resources, the CMP automatically fixes resource usage problems.

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