Reveille Software Presentation: Redefine ECM Application Monitoring

Reveille Presentation: Redefine ECM Application Monitoring

Many organizations still lack the ability to not only monitor, but more important, to truly manage their ECM applications. This slideshare from Reveille Software shares how to advance ECM monitoring much further into ECM Application Management.

“Let’s note a few interesting statistics and information about the changing ECM environment. According to varying statistics from Gartner, Forrester and AIIM: 74% list “improve the experience of our customers” as top business priority over the next 12 months. VS Systems with 1000+ users created 60-150 support tickets per month Success is measured by confident information workers and satisfied customers. VS Majority of organizzations rely on support calls or incidents to alert them to system problems. 80% say content systems are just as critical to business operations as transactional systems, but only 32% Have specific and measured SLAs for uptime. Only 29% are in a position to monitor trends over time against user loading, content volumes, geographical locations, upgrades.”



Reveille’s Approach, is comprehensive platform management + real-time user transaction management = Optimized ECM application health. Visit for more information.