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Qualtrics Introduces New Customer Experience Solutions to its Platform

Qualtrics Customer Experience Solutions

Source: Qualtrics

Qualtrics recently announced that it’s introducing new solutions to its experience management platform. These features can help companies assess and maintain the health of their customer relationships, acquire new customers, and improve the overall customer journey. The Qualtrics customer experience solutions are available to users now and are designed to be easily set up, so companies can accelerate their time to value.

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Qualtrics is the creator of the “Experience Management (XM)” category and has designed its platform to help organizations manage and improve four business experiences: customer, employee, product, and brand. The service’s functionality helps users attract and retain customers, engage employees with a positive culture, develop compelling products, and develop a brand that customers are invested in.

The added customer experience functionalities to Qualtrics’ platform will help customers use data to understand their B2B and B2C customers and empower them to act on that data to improve the customer experience. The Qualtrics Customer Experience Solutions’ three pillars are relationship health, account-based relationship diagnostics, and digital support optimization. These services, part of Qualtrics CustomerXM, will help organizations collect feedback across the customer journey, identify at-risk and growth accounts, deliver customer care services through various channels, and more.

Jay Choi, Chief Product Officer at Qualtrics, said the following in a company press release announcing the news: “Customer preferences and expectations have evolved significantly this past year, and companies will need to adopt an experience-first approach to customer relationships moving forward. The most successful companies adapt and thrive even during disruptive times by understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind customer behaviors and using that data to proactively design and deliver the best experiences for their customers.”

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