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Zoho Launches Qntrl to Maximize Visibility and Reduce Manual Work with Automation

Zoho Qntrl
Zoho Qntrl

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Zoho Corporation recently announced the launch of Qntrl (pronounced as “control”) as a new business division. Qntrl will act as a separate brand within Zoho and focus on delivering automated workflow solutions that empower decision-makers with improved clarity and control over their business processes. Qntrl has previously been in beta but launched into general availability as of April 13th.

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Zoho is a multinational company specializing in software development, cloud computing, and web-based business tools. It offers a collection of products and CRM tools for companies in need of sales, marketing, customer service, financial, management, and other services. With Qntrl, Zoho is launching a workflow orchestration platform designed to deliver new levels of visibility, control, and automation to business orchestrators and process managers across industries.

Operating as a business division of Zoho Corporation, Qntrl can integrate with other products from sisters divisions in the company, like and ManageEngine. The platform is also launching as a separate division focusing on sophisticated workflow orchestration software that can easily integrate with technology from other vendors. Other features of the Qntrl platform will enable users to ensure process compliance, automate repetitive tasks, take advantage of workflow intelligence reports, promote contextual collaboration across stakeholders, provide new visibility into the state of each request a stakeholder makes, and more.

Mani Vembu, Chief Operating Officer at Zoho Corporation, made the following statement: “As the workflow management market grows in size and sophistication, frustrations related to efficient and transparent management are becoming a bigger roadblock for organizations across the board. These challenges require robust solutions that minimize the negative impact on business. With the full support of Zoho Corporation, Qntrl will tackle this head-on, helping its customers accelerate business with the support of first-class orchestration software.”

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