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HubSpot Launches Operations Hub, a New Addition to its CRM Platform

HubSpot Operations Hub
HubSpot Operations Hub

Source: HubSpot

HubSpot has announced the launch of Operations Hub, a new addition to its CRM platform and suite of tools. Operations Hub will help companies unify their data, automate processes, and align team members around the core goal of delivering memorable experiences to customers. Operations Hub is available now and comes in Free, Starter, and Professional versions.

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HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform providing software and support to growing companies. The platform includes hubs for marketing, sales, service, content management software (CMS), and now operations. Each hub comes in a Free, Starter, and Professional version that scales to meet customer needs as their company continues to grow.

Operations Hub is designed to provide operations teams with a shared system that allows them to collectively develop and embrace a unified revenue operations strategy and work together to remove friction for internal teams and customers. With Operations Hub, scaling companies can easily adopt data sync tools, build custom automation actions, create workflows that automatically update important data points in the database, and more.

Alison Elworthy, HubSpot’s EVP of Revenue Operations, says that “Operations teams are the unsung heroes of our industry. They carry the responsibility for managing the systems, processes, and data that keep a scaling company running every day. As such, they are the orchestrators of the customer experience. Yet, most companies still treat operations as a reactive function whose sole purpose is to fight fires. With the launch of Operations Hub, we are not only bringing operations tools to the heart of our CRM platform, we are bringing operations teams to the forefront of the customer experience – where they belong. After all, to deliver a unified customer experience at scale, companies need to run better. And to run better, they need a unified revenue operations team working together in a connected CRM platform.”

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