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The 9 Best Salesforce Training Courses on LinkedIn Learning

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best Salesforce training courses on LinkedIn Learning to consider if you want to grow your skills. Solutions Review participates in affiliate programs. We may make a small commission from products purchased through this resource.

Salesforce ranks among the most recognizable marketing and CRM platforms. As more organizations adopt the platform’s functionalities, the more important it is for those organizations’ employees to get up to speed on the software’s capabilities. Salesforce has a range of products, though, and they’re all designed for specific purposes, making it challenging to know what separates the best Salesforce training courses from the rest.

With that in mind, our editors have compiled a list of the best Salesforce training and online courses on LinkedIn Learning. These courses are designed for anyone looking to expand or fine-tune their Salesforce expertise and can be used by newcomers, enthusiasts, and experienced professionals alike. The courses are listed in alphabetical order.

The Best Salesforce Training Courses on LinkedIn Learning

Course Title: Learning Salesforce

OUR TAKE: Taught by Christine Volden, who has 15 years of sales leadership and strategy experience, this introductory course to the Salesforce platform will help you become comfortable with Salesforce’s popular CRM tools.

Description: Salesforce is a versatile customer relationship management (CRM) platform with a suite of features that work for large Fortune 500 companies just as well as they do small startups. In this course, you will learn how to begin your Salesforce experience and become familiar with the toolset it provides. Specific topics covered include tracking interactions, events, and tasks, setting up profiles, navigating the main tabs, customizing the dashboard, creating accounts, adding contacts, converting leads, and more.


Course Title: Learning Salesforce for Admins

OUR TAKE: With over 5 hours of material, Christopher Matthew Spencer uses his experience as a businessperson, author, and educator to help students become confident users of Salesforce’s administrator functionalities.

Description: This Intermediate-level course will cover all the tools and skills needed to become a confident Salesforce admit. Christopher Matthew Spencer will teach you how to customize sales paths and opportunity stages, set up custom fields, create custom reports, secure your data, configure user accounts with different permissions, and streamline the overall user experience so that it aligns with the needs of your business.


Course Title: Learning Development

OUR TAKE: Salesforce development expert Duard Lynn Davis teaches this intermediate-level course for developers looking to get comfortable with the Salesforce development environment.

Description: As more companies turn to Salesforce’s capabilities, the more valuable it is to be a developer with Salesforce development skills. In this course, users will learn the foundations of development and become familiar with Apex programming, the object-oriented language used in Salesforce programming and development. You will also learn about sets, lists, and maps and get to review code examples for triggers, trigger handlers, and more.


Course Title: Salesforce Administrator Cert Prep 1: Introduction to Administrator Certification and Setup

OUR TAKE: This is the first course in a series designed to help Salesforce users of all backgrounds earn their Salesforce Administrator credentials and is taught by certified Salesforce expert and instructor, Mike Wheeler.

Description: This course is the first in a series designed by Mike Wheeler to help Salesforce developers, administrators, architects, and sales professionals earn their Salesforce Certified Administrator credentials. The courses included in the series are curated to help prepare you for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam. As the first course in the series, Introduction to Administrator Certification and Setup will cover subjects like organization setup, user setup, the Salesforce platform’s user interface, and how to set up and maintain a new user.


Course Title: Salesforce: Einstein Analytics

OUR TAKE: If you’re looking for a compact introduction to the capabilities of Salesforce Einstein, this is the course for you. You’ll learn how to use the Salesforce Einstein tools and see firsthand how it works with Salesforce’s other products.

Description: Salesforce Einstein provides users with a set of AI technologies that make it easier to use algorithms and analyze data. In this compact course, Christine Volden will show you how to use Einstein to automate reports, pinpoint workflow needs, analyze your team’s effectiveness, and determine whether it’s the right solution for your organization. You will also get to see firsthand how Einstein can improve the way you work with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and other communities.


Course Title: Salesforce for Marketers

OUR TAKE: The course can be completed in just a couple of hours, includes 3 quizzes to help you track what you’ve learned, and covers the fundamental marketing tools Salesforce offers.

Description: Salesforce is probably most known for its CRM platform and the marketing tools it comes packaged with. This beginner course will introduce marketers to the various marketing features Salesforce offers and will teach you about managing workflows, paid advertising, email marketing, connecting with your audience via social media, managing the lead life cycle, and tracking vendor expenses, visualize marketing project successes, and more.


Course Title: Salesforce for Sales Managers

OUR TAKE: Designed for more advanced users, this Salesforce training course from Christine Volden dives deep into the platform’s sales capabilities.

Description: This course provides students with a deeper dive into Salesforce’s sales capabilities to help them get the most out of the platform. You will learn how to keep track of goals and sales pipelines, review your sales teams’ daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual successes. Other talking points include managing and transferring leads to other team members, leveraging visual tools and dashboards, and developing team sales reports.


Course Title: Salesforce for Small Business

OUR TAKE: Instructor Chris Mattia has used his 15 years of experience in education to create a course that’s ideal for small business owners who want to learn how Salesforce can help them meet their business goals.

Description: SalesforceIQ is a turn-key solution designed to meet the CRM needs of smaller businesses. If you’re unfamiliar with Salesforce’s capabilities, this course will help you get up to speed on things like managing your customers, sales, services, leads, accounts, opportunities, and more. Chris Mattia will walk you through how to customize account settings, build records to track leads, build event and communication logs, build to-do lists, filter sales data, monitor performance, develop accurate forecasts, and more.


Course Title: Social Selling with Salesforce

OUR TAKE: Social selling is becoming increasingly important in the business world. If you want to learn how social selling works and how Salesforce can help you do it, this online course is a good place to start.

Description: With this course, you will see firsthand how to combine social selling ideas with the sales management tools offered in Salesforce. You will also learn to leverage social channels to create contacts and accounts and see firsthand how to improve the way you listen and share with prospects and customers.


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