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Affinity Announces Affinity Analytics, a New Reporting Tool for CRM Data

Affinity Analytics
Affinity Analytics

Source: Affinity

Affinity has announced the launch of Affinity Analytics, a new real-time reporting tool designed to provide industry-first insights into its external relationships and spotlight how they affect company deal flow, pipeline, networking activities, and other relevant KPIs. Affinity Analytics is available now as an integrated part of both Premium and Enterprise editions of the Affinity platform or as an upgrade for customers using the Professional edition.

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Affinity provides a relationship intelligence platform that uses patented technology to help its customers analyze data points, manage valuable relationships, prioritize connections, and discover new opportunities. The platform also includes artificial intelligence capabilities to analyze the strength of a company’s customer relationships and offer a centralized, automatically updated database that doesn’t require manual upkeep. Affinity primarily operates in the venture capital, private equity, investment banking, commercial real estate, family office, and management consulting markets.

With Affinity Analytics, the company builds on the core data available in Affinity’s relationship intelligence platform and uses it to offer deeper insights into a team’s CRM data. The new analytics functionality is built on Looker, Google Cloud’s business intelligence and analytics platform, comes equipped with customizable dashboards and real-time reports to help companies conduct deeper analyses of the trends and performance drivers affecting critical business processes. While businesses can build their own customizable reports, Affinity Analytics does come with two pre-packaged reports: Funnel Analysis and Team Activity reports. These pre-built reports will help companies track their pipeline’s performance and analyze their team’s performance.

Shubham Goel, the Affinity co-founder, says that “Relationships are the backbone of any team’s success, but just as important is understanding how to leverage those relationships in the smartest and most beneficial way possible. We built Affinity Analytics to give our clients the data they need on their team’s relationships and activities to better understand their deals and make smarter, more informed business decisions. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small organization, a sales team or an investment firm, Affinity Analytics is a game-changer for how companies leverage relationships to gain a competitive edge and drive corporate success.”

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