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Pipeliner Migrates Users to its CRM Cloud and Launches Product Update

Pipeliner CRM Cloud Update
Pipeliner CRM Cloud Update

Source: Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM recently announced that it has successfully migrated all the users still using a legacy Pipeliner system to Pipeliner CRM Cloud. The completed migration allows users to access the expanded capabilities of Pipeliner’s cloud-based CRM system, including features like automatic software updates, enhanced security, and more.

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Pipeliner CRM provides salespeople with a sales application combining productivity tools with features like a built-in automation engine and visualized reporting and analytics. The company is based out of Los Angeles and develops multiple CRM product lines alongside online and offline apps to help sales teams connect with their target audiences.

After the 4 years of programming it took to recreate Pipeliner’s CRM Hybrid app in the cloud, the company launched Pipeliner CRM Cloud in September 2018. Pipeliner’s product development recreated the interface and navigation from the original CRM app in the new cloud model to help provide migrated users with a seamless transition. The company finished migrating hundreds of users to the new cloud-based CRM in Q1 of 2021 and has since sunsetted the legacy hybrid version.

The company also announced the launch of v3.11.0 of Pipeliner CRM Cloud. The update introduces new enhancements to the platform’s Organization Charts to improve the depth of information it can offer to users. Pipeliner has also expanded on the customizability of the company’s Compact View for accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. New customization options will enable Pipeliner admins to choose the kind of information included or excluded in the Interface tab in Fields & Forms, add custom charts to the panel, and select, remove, or reorder the Lists.

Other features included in this Pipeliner CRM Cloud update include enhancements to features like opportunities target comparison, activities, automizer, calling, field selection, reports, and more.

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