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Pipeliner CRM Reveals New Updates for its Organization Chart Feature

Pipeliner CRM Organization Chart Update
Pipeliner CRM Organization Chart Update

Source: Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM has announced new updates for its Organization Chart feature. The release introduces new customer-driven enhancements to help salespeople access in-depth information, win new clients, retain existing clients, and increase revenue by connecting with prospects, identifying their challenges, and providing actionable solutions.

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Pipeliner CRM is a sales application platform that provides its users with productivity tools and features like a built-in automation engine, visualized reporting capabilities, and deep analytics. The company is based out of Los Angeles and focuses on developing CRM product lines, offline apps, and online apps designed to help sales teams reach their target audience.

As one of Pipeliner’s contact management features, the Organization Chart acts as a “relationship map” that helps users understand and manage the relationships a company has with its prospects, customers, and employees. The new functionalities coming to the Organization Chart include categorizing contacts based on role, tracking comments in real-time, and viewing relevant interactions with each individual in an organization. These features will make it easier for users to understand data like contact relationship strength, account roles, employee influence over key contacts, and more. 

Nikolaus Kimla, the CEO at Pipeliner Sales, Inc., says that “Our team has been hard at work to provide improved tools in Account Management to ensure our customers have the information they need to better manage relationships with everyone at a company. By focusing your attention on the right people, a sales pro can improve new client acquisition and client retention while driving revenue. Pipeliner continues to provide innovative solutions to simplify our customers’ lives and improve efficiencies.”

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