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Creatio Announces New Updates for its Low-Code CRM Platform

Creatio Announces New Updates
Creatio Announces New Updates

Source: Creatio

Creatio has announced a new series of updates for its low-code CRM and process management platform. The announcement was made at Creatio Live, where the company outlined the changes version 7.18 will bring to its platform, including new low-code and no-code tools, updates to its BPM engine, UX and UI enhancements, and more. These updates are available now for Creatio customers.

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Creatio is a global software company that provides a low-code platform alongside CRM and BPM solutions for financial services, telecommunications, advertising, manufacturing, pharma, transportation, and others. The company’s services also include implementation, sales, marketing, customer service, support, and training offerings.

The new update to the Creatio platform is part of the company’s ongoing product strategy, which focuses on empowering customers and partners with ALM capabilities to create apps from reusable components and improve the application lifecycle management. Specific features included in version 7.18 include updated system design tools for the company’s low-code/no-code platform, extended analytics functionality, new external file data storage capabilities, social media integrations for Facebook and Instagram, broader forecasting capabilities, updated home pages for each of Creatio’s products, new customer service options, and more.

Katherine Kostereva, the Founder and CEO of Creatio, says, “Our core value at Creatio is Acceleration. We understand that fast time to market is a competitive advantage for businesses today, and our goal is to enable customers to innovate with speed and agility. To deliver on that promise, we are driven to excel and provide the best products possible through continuous improvement. These latest updates take into account user feedback and are designed to unlock maximum value of the platform and the results it drives for our customers.”

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