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Pipeliner Integrates Key Account Management Capabilities in its CRM Platform

Pipeliner Account Management
Pipeliner Account Management

Source: Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM has announced that it is embedding full key account management capabilities into its core platform. These capabilities include organizational charts, relationship graph building tools, integrated project management, backend administration tools, and more. Integrating these features into the core Pipeliner CRM platform will help users take advantage of expanded functionalities without investing in third-party add-ons.

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Pipeliner CRM is a sales application platform that provides its users with productivity tools and features like a built-in automation engine, visualized reporting capabilities, and deep analytics. The company is based out of Los Angeles and focuses on developing CRM product lines, offline apps, and online apps to help sales teams reach their target audience.

With the range of Pipeliner account management capabilities embedded in the CRM platform, companies can boost revenue opportunities by organizing and analyzing existing customer accounts. The new account management features include backend administration, tools to develop account matrixes, relationship graphs, a white space tool, organization charts, project management. Pipeliner users can also take advantage of a buyer center that outlines the various ways that sales opportunities have been affected in a specific account.

Nikolaus Kimla, the CEO of Pipeliner CRM, said in a statement that, “Key Account Management is a vital part of sales that has been neglected by traditional CRM providers, which is why we have built key account management capabilities as part of Pipeliner’s core offering. The integration of these new features grants Pipeliner users a full suite of key account management capabilities, allowing them to strategically target and grow existing accounts. We are proud to be the first CRM to include this vital element.”

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