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Qualtrics Announces Brand Impact Simulator Tool for Attracting Customers

Qualtrics Brand Impact Simulator
Qualtrics Brand Impact Simulator

Source: Qualtrics

Qualtrics has announced the Brand Impact Simulator, a new self-service tool to help companies understand and prioritize the brand attributes that attract, engage, and convert the most customers. With this new tool, Qualtrics customers can improve the effectiveness of their marketing and branding campaigns to maximize overall customer acquisition and retention. The Brand Impact Simulator is currently in early access, with a general release planned for Q4 2021.

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Qualtrics is the “Experience Management (XM)” service category creator and works with organizations to improve and manage their customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. The company’s XM Platform is designed to help its users create customer-centric products and develop memorable brand identities that attract, retain, and delight customers and employees in retail, healthcare, financial, travel, government, automotive, and other industries.

With Brand Impact Simulator, companies across industries can fine-tune their brand strategy and marketing investments by gathering customer feedback data from the Qualtrics platform and using it to create simulated scenarios. These scenarios can help brands predict and quantify the characteristics customers value the most and use that information to set smarter goals in their marketing campaigns, make informed decisions, and invest in the right product enhancements.

Paul Sheets, the Qualtrics general manager of BrandXM, added the following statement to the press release announcing the news: “Customers have more choices than ever before, and to remain competitive, organizations need a new approach to brand experience to help them quickly adapt to the constantly changing preferences of consumers. Brand Impact Simulator makes it easier than ever for brand and marketing leaders to quickly turn insight into action to strengthen their brands and accelerate customer acquisition.”

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