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Pipeliner Launches Kepler, a New Version of its CRM Solution

Pipeliner CRM Kepler
Pipeliner CRM Kepler

Source: Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM has announced the launch of Kepler, the 4.0 version of its sales enablement tool and CRM software. The update brings a suite of new project management capabilities, key account management functionalities, and Salesforce Automation tools to the company’s platform, which will help Pipeliner’s clients create a unified revenue engine.

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Pipeliner CRM is a sales application platform designed to provide companies across industries with a collection of productivity tools and features. These include a built-in automation engine, visualized reporting capabilities, lead management, sales analytics, and more. The company is based out of Los Angeles and focuses on developing CRM product lines, offline apps, and online apps to help sales teams reach their target audience.

With the launch of Kepler, Pipeliner is expanding its CRM platform’s capabilities with new and expanded project management tools. These can be used to track objectives related to specific projects, visualize task progress, and link projects to opportunities, contacts, and accounts. Pipeliner customers can also use these features to streamline their Salesforce Automation and key account management tools.

Nikolaus Kimla, the CEO at Pipeliner, said, “Just as Kepler placed the sun at the center of our solar system, we place sales right at the heart of commerce. Just as no life on a planet can survive without the sun, no business can survive without sales. Our previous major version was called Copernicus, and it signified the momentous event of Pipeliner CRM being fully in the cloud. Since its release three years ago, we have made thousands of improvements. It is only logical that with our next significant evolution, project management, we name the version after Kepler, the person who fully cemented Copernicus’s theories.”

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