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BrandMaker Acquires Hive9, a Marketing Management SaaS Solution

BrandMaker - Hive9
BrandMaker - Hive9

Source: BrandMaker

BrandMaker has announced its acquisition of Hive9, a marketing planning, performance, and budgeting management SaaS solution. The acquisition will help BrandMaker and Allocadia—which joined forces with BrandMaker in an acquisition earlier in 2021—expand their services and continue to position themselves as a global marketing operations software provider.

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BrandMaker is a SaaS provider of scalable marketing resource management (MRM) and operations management solutions to help companies increase collaboration, manage operations, and optimize their multinational marketing campaigns budgets, team workflows, and more. The company works with clients and firms across industries and offers a suite of marketing products, including campaign planning, finance management, digital asset management, resource management, and brand management.

After acquiring Allocadia in July 2021, BrandMaker’s purchase of Hive9 will continue to help the company expand its full spectrum of marketing operation services. Hive9 brings advanced attribution, goal-setting, campaign insights, and predictive capabilities to BrandMaker, while current Hive9 customers will benefit from expanded work, content, and resource management tools. The acquisition will also help Hive9, Allocadia, and BrandMaker invest in their products, explore new opportunities to leverage the capabilities of their combined portfolios, and create innovative solutions for their customers.

Mirko Holzer, the CEO of BrandMaker, made the following statement to accompany the news: “Hive9 brings even more value to the BrandMaker-Allocadia combination. Together, we are better positioned than ever to become the global market leader in the marketing operations space, with a robust portfolio of marketing operations solutions and capabilities unmatched by our competition. Ultimately, our end-to-end solution will more fully empower CMOs and marketing teams to connect strategy to outcomes and accelerate growth.”

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