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Constellation ShortList Names 10 Digital Experience Platforms to Know

Constellation ShortList for Digital Experience Platforms
Constellation ShortList for Digital Experience Platforms

Source: Constellation Research

Strategic advisory and analyst firm Constellation Research recently released the findings from its Constellation ShortList Digital Experience (DX) Platforms. The report from Liz Miller spotlights ten digital experience platforms worth paying attention to. Each Constellation ShortList report is updated yearly, although some reports can be updated after six months if deemed necessary.

The Constellation ShortList Digital Experience (DX) Platforms evaluated fifty solution providers before selecting the ten vendors listed in the report. Constellation used a combination of partner conversations, client inquiries, vendor selection projects, market share, customer references, and internal research to determine which vendors would be included in the report.

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The ten solution providers named in the Q3 2021 report are listed below in alphabetical order.


Acquia is an open-source digital experience platform (DXP) for companies to build, host, analyze, and communicate with customers with their websites and various digital applications. The platform uses adaptive intelligence and customer data to predict business outcomes, generate actionable insights, develop compelling content, maintain security, and stick to compliance standards.


Adobe is a global provider of digital media and marketing solutions for companies and individuals across industries. With Adobe Experience Cloud, companies can access the intelligence, advertising, and marketing tools needed to provide their target audiences with personalized, relevant experiences across digital channels. Products in the Experience Cloud include Adobe Analytics, Marketo Engage, Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Platform, and more.


Bloomreach’s Experience Platform consists of three categories, each with its own features for retail, manufacturing, distributor, and other markets. These categories are Engagement, Content, and Discovery, and collectively provide companies with marketing automation, customer data platform, experience management, e-commerce search, headless content, recommendations, and SEO functionalities.

HCL Digital Experience

HCL Software develops, sells, and markets a suite of products tailored to the needs of Automation, DevSecOps, Data Management, Digital Solutions, Marketing, Mainframes, and Commerce markets. HCL’s Digital Experience solution can help organizations improve their digital transformation initiatives, streamline processes, identify actionable insights, develop meaningful branded experiences, and create content with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.


Liferay is a software provider that helps equip companies in banking, security, government, and insurance with the tools they need to create digital experiences across mobile, web, and other connected devices. Its digital experience platform is outfitted with a collection of developer tools, content hubs, practitioner support, and consultative services.

Oracle CX

Oracle’s Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) solution helps companies improve the quality of their customer interactions by connecting their business data across marketing, advertising, commerce, sales, and service departments. Its features include customer data tools, marketing automation, campaign management, behavioral intelligence, chatbots, content management, low-code development, and other industry-specific features for various business needs.


Optimizely’s digital experience platform is designed to equip companies with the tools and insights to develop and optimize the customer experience. Its products—Content, Commerce, and Digital Cloud—are equipped with intelligent campaigns, content management, analytics, marketing automation, search, recommendation, and personalization features to help its users engage with customers, reduce complexities, and maximize revenue.

Salesforce Digital Experience

Salesforce’s digital experience solution can help its users develop customer-centric experiences, build stronger relationships, create personalized content, improve branding, increase engagement, and scale as needed with an evolving ecosystem of AI and integrations. The DXP is built on salesforce’s Customer 360 solution and uses data-driven sites, portals, and applications to help its users “reinvent” the customer experience.

SAP Customer Experience

SAP’s CRM and Customer Experience solutions can help large companies across industries attract and retain customers. Its equipped with omnichannel e-commerce services, a dynamic customer data platform (CDP), customer identity and access management (CIAM), sales automation, customer service, B2C marketing, B2B marketing, and configure, price, and quote (CPQ) tools.


Sitecore offers clients a DXP that brings content, data, and commerce functionalities on a single, connected platform. Features include omnichannel experience management, platform certifications, customer analytics, and a content hub. The company primarily works with companies in financial services, manufacturing, and professional or technical services.

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