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Nextiva Raises $200 Million in First External Funding Round

Nextiva Funding Round
Nextiva Funding Round

Source: Nextiva

Nextiva has announced that it raised $200 million in its first external funding round. The funding will help Nextiva continue to invest in its goals and work with companies to create stronger relationships with customers and bring together customer management, automation, intelligence, and communications on a single solution. The funding comes from Goldman Sachs Asset Management at an overall valuation of $2.7 billion.

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Nextiva offers multiple CRM products to align with the needs of organizations in varying industries. The vendor’s sales and marketing solution portfolio features tools to tackle traditional sales and customer service challenges. Nextiva brings a service-focused solution to a market populated with sales-oriented software. The key features bolster users’ capabilities in providing quality service and support experiences to their customers. With more AI-based technology arriving in the future, Nextiva is a worthwhile contender for organizations with a customer focus.

The Nextiva funding round will support the company as it accelerates its connected communication innovations by investing in automation development, AI, global expansion, and developing new routes to market. Its solutions and evolving collection of integrations to third-party software currently help companies unite communications across customer sales, analytics, and service applications.

Tomas Gorny—the CEO and co-founder of Nextiva—says, “Goldman Sachs is helping advance our mission, which from day one has been to help businesses grow by giving every company access to powerful business tools. Nextiva creates a seamless experience by surfacing insights and learnings from every interaction. By doing this, Nextiva enables companies of all sizes and their teams to better understand and serve their customers and accelerate the growth of their business.”

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