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Insightly Expands its Offerings with the Launch of a New Service Platform

Insightly Service
Insightly Service

Source: Insightly

Insightly has announced the launch of Insightly Service, a new addition to its unified suite of CRM applications. The new service platform is designed to be a customer service and support ticketing product capable of working in tandem with the other business applications a company uses. With Insightly Service, users across an organization can access “mission-critical” customer data in real-time, helping them provide better experiences for their customers.

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Insightly is a unified CRM platform designed to align sales, marketing, and project teams around a single view of their customer base. The CRM includes workflow automation, lead routing, segmentation, campaigns, reporting, and email integration services to help marketers build meaningful relationships with present and future customers. With the Insightly AppConnect platform, users will also have access to hundreds of pre-built app connectors.

With the Insightly Service platform launch, service teams can improve their visibility into customer health and help support teams close tickets faster. Insightly Service can also help companies discover new sales opportunities, create custom dashboard cards, track performance in real-time, leverage cross-platform integrations to drive engagement, set up automated reminders to follow up with customers, and more.

Anthony Smith, the CEO of Insightly, in an article from Martech Series, says, “Businesses have the opportunity to differentiate themselves by ensuring they have insights that help them demonstrate knowledge and empathy in every single customer interaction. Our focus is on bringing together all of these touchpoints – from customer service to marketing, CRM, and project management so that teams have a unified view of the customer experience to proactively guide customer success and strengthen long-term relationships.”

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