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Qualtrics Completes its Acquisition of the Clarabridge Analytics Platform 

Qualtrics Clarabridge
Qualtrics Clarabridge

Source: Qualtrics

Qualtrics has announced that it’s completed the acquisition of Clarabridge, an omnichannel conversational analytics platform provider that helps businesses capture customer data across social media, email, chat, support calls, and product reviews. The completed transaction will provide Qualtrics customers with the tools they need to tune into and analyze what their customers and employees are saying and take action as needed from the company’s experience management platform.

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Qualtrics is the “Experience Management (XM)” service category creator and works with organizations to improve and manage their customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. The company’s XM Platform is designed to help its users create customer-centric products and develop memorable brand identities that attract, retain, and delight customers and employees in retail, healthcare, financial, travel, government, automotive, and other industries.

Now that Qualtrics has completed its acquisition of Clarabridge, the company can expand its experience management (XM) platform with new conversational analytics and AI-powered capabilities that look at customer and employee comments. These tools can help users collect customer feedback, assess user sentiment with over 150 industry-specific natural language understanding (NLU) models, improve user experiences in real-time with automated workflows, and personalize those experiences for customers and employees.

Zig Serafin, the CEO of Qualtrics, says, “With our acquisition of Clarabridge, we’re accelerating our growth and leadership as the world’s #1 experience management company and taking the category we created to an entirely new level. Together, we’ll give companies even greater power to build deep, trusted relationships with their customers and employees and deliver incredible experiences that everyone will love. We’re excited to welcome Mark and the entire Clarabridge team to Qualtrics.”

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