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Blueshift Announces New Capabilities for its SmartHub CDP Solution

Blueshift SmartHub
Blueshift SmartHub

Source: Blueshift

Blueshift recently announced the “next evolution” of its SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP), which will bring a new suite of omnichannel features and integrations to the AI-powered platform. These new capabilities include the new App Hub and Omnichannel Journey Builder solutions, designed to help customers deliver the right experiences to the right customers on the right channels.

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Blueshift offers an AI-driven platform for cross-channel marketing solutions for email marketing, marketing automation, mobile marketing, audience targeting, predictive intelligence, audience segmentation, and more. With the ability to segment customers based on real-time data and predict their future actions, the tool provides a unique CRM solution for organizations looking to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The launch of these new, advanced features will expand Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP solution with omnichannel CX orchestration tools. For example, the Omnichannel Journey Builder will help Blueshift CDP customers orchestrate, test, and optimize their omnichannel customer experiences with a suite of AI tools. Meanwhile, Blueshift’s new partner ecosystem, App Hub, provides Blueshift customers with an expanding collection of integrations they can use to customize interactions and sync data from various systems in real-time.

Vijay Chittoor—the co-founder and CEO of Blueshiftsays, “As marketing and customer experience channels grow closer together, marketers need the ability to intelligently orchestrate deeply personalized experiences across key interactions along the customer journey. Our new releases will help them extend personalized experiences to the channels where they need to take place. We’re continuously looking at where the market is heading and enhancing our SmartHub CDP to provide the capabilities brands need to make customer engagement more effective and teams more productive.”

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