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Sitecore Announces a Suite of Updates for its Digital Experience Platform

Sitecore Updates
Sitecore Updates

Source: Sitecore

Sitecore recently announced a series of updates and features for its digital experience platform (DXP). The Sitecore updates include a new SaaS DXP, which is available now in most regions, and the Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud, a cloud-native CMS that offers increased flexibility and integration functionalities to help users create personalized experiences for their audience.

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Sitecore offers clients a DXP that combines content, data, and commerce functionalities on a single, connected platform. Features include omnichannel experience management, platform certifications, customer analytics, and a content hub. The company primarily works with companies in financial services, manufacturing, and professional or technical services.

The updates were announced at Sitecore Symposium and can help companies reimagine how content, commerce, analytics, and experience orchestration strategies are used to meet customer expectations and business goals. The new features include Sitecore Learning, a subscription-based learning resource, Sitecore Personalize, a SaaS personalization engine, and Sitecore Discover, a new integration that links search with a company’s marketing and commerce tools.

Steve Tzikakis, the Sitecore CEO, says, “Today’s announcement confirms our ambition to disrupt the market and help brands stay ahead with cutting-edge technology. Our recent acquisitions have been fundamental to building the most advanced composable platform available today, something we see as the future of DXP. Customer expectations are everchanging, so it is essential brands are empowered to work in real-time, adapting experiences to keep up with the demand. We’re supporting them with the technology to make this possible. By bringing our portfolio together in the cloud, brands can achieve this and enjoy a truly integrated, flexible, and scalable platform – delivering personalized experiences for their customers, whatever the channel.”

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