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Qualtrics Announces Experience ID, a New Customer Data Collection Tool

Qualtrics Experience ID
Qualtrics Experience ID

Source: Qualtrics

Qualtrics has announced Experience ID, a new tool that uses machine learning, conversational analytics, and journey orchestration to help companies capture customer preference, belief, feeling, and experience data. Experience ID provides users with a unified view of customer feedback data, making it easier to use data insights to create personalized experiences at scale.

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Qualtrics is the “Experience Management (XM)” service category creator and works with organizations to improve and manage their customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. The XM Platform is designed to help its users create customer-centric products and develop memorable brand identities that attract, retain, and delight customers and employees in retail, healthcare, financial, travel, government, automotive, and other industries.

With the upcoming launch of Qualtrics Experience ID, companies will have access to granular insights about their audience, which will help users identify emerging trends, market opportunities, and customer expectations. Experience ID is built on the Qualtrics XM Operating System and uses capabilities Qualtrics received from the acquisitions of Clarabridge and Usermind. While the fully integrated Experience ID solution won’t be available until 2022, some of these capabilities are available now for Qualtrics customers, including digital intercepts for personalization, automated workflows, profiles, segmentation, and sentiment detection.

Zig Serafin, the Qualtrics CEO, says, “For decades, organizations have been trying to deeply understand their customers and employees. But the universe of feedback is so vast that they need the right technology to capture it and put it into action. Experience ID delivers a powerful lens that can focus on each customer and employee, and also zoom out and reveal the big picture, enabling organizations to build deep, personal relationships with customers and employees, authentically and at scale.”

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