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Contentstack Acquires the CMS Division of Raw Engineering

Contentstack CMS
Contentstack CMS

Source: Contentstack

Contentstack has announced the acquisition of the Content Management System (CMS) division of Raw Engineering, a digital transformation strategy advisement, and custom development service provider. The transaction brings a team of over fifty CMS and integration experts from Raw Engineering to Contentstack, who will be responsible for creating a new “Enablement Services” offering for Contentstack’s customers and partners.

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Contentstack is the provider of the Agile Content Management System, a CMS solution designed to help marketers and developers accelerate and streamline their content management efforts across channels like web, mobile, and IoT. Its CMS can help users improve internal collaborations, develop effective customer journeys, and deliver digital experiences that resonate with audiences. Contentstack’s headless, microservices architecture allows users to expand the CMS with a marketplace of integrations and partners.

With this acquisition of CMS experts, Contentstack can scale its partner success and customer successes while streamlining overall ecosystem operations. The Enablement Services team has years of experience implementing CMS sites like Acquia, Sitecore, and Adobe. The team will use their skills to help Contentstack accelerate product innovations with new integrations, blueprints, resources, and enablement systems for partners and customers,  contribute to the onboarding of new partners, and help ensure alignment between Contentstack and its Catalyst partner network.

Neha Sampat—the founder and CEO of Contentstack—says, “With this massive talent acquisition, we are truly challenging the status quo. No other headless or MACH-compliant CMS vendor has anywhere near the breadth and depth of Contentstack’s combined CMS expertise. We have raised the bar for implementing and adopting MACH-based solutions, and now enterprises have no excuse to not innovate or realize their innovation potential.”

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