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5 Data Quality Tools Vendors to Watch in 2018

5 Data Quality Tools Providers to Watch in 2018

5 Data Quality Tools Providers to Watch in 2018

Data quality pertains to the overall utility of data inside an organization, and is an essential characteristic that determines whether data can be used in the decision-making process. Data quality solutions are typically built atop features that allow businesses to match, clean, correct, validate, and transform data so that it can be analyzed by a database, data warehouse, or analytics system.

In that spirit, we’ve turned our gaze to the future of data quality. Whether its inclusion in a recent analyst report, the release of an innovative new tool, or a bump in venture funding, these are the providers that have earned watch list status for the year ahead.

1. Ataccama

AtaccamaAtaccama’s flagship product runs the gambit of modern data capabilities, offering users numerous tools for a wide variety of data jobs. In addition to data quality, Ataccama ONE features data profiling, cataloging, governance, and master data functionality. The solution includes all of the basic clean, correct, validate, transform and matching features, but also touts monitoring and reporting. Perhaps the most interesting add-on is the platform’s firewall that prevents bad data from entering business systems.

2. BackOffice Associates

BackOffice AssociatesBackOffice Associates provides data migration and information governance tools, with a focus on enhancing data quality for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The provider’s Data Stewardship Platform allows users to design, set, execute, and enforce data policies across every data system. The tool offers data quality reporting and dashboarding, simple mass-change data uploads, and support for management across mainstream ERP and cloud business systems. BackOffice Associates also offers data quality in a Software as a Service shell.

3. Innovative Systems

Innovative SystemsInnovative Systems specializes in the development and delivery of data management and risk management solutions. The vendor’s Enlighten Data Quality suite offers data profiling, standardization, cleansing, linking, and deduplication. The platform also includes address validation and geocoding via PostLocate, which validates and standardizes addresses against a domestic and international postal union address database. Innovative Systems offers Enlighten on-prem, in the cloud (SaaS), or via a hybrid deployment method.

4. MIOsoft

MIOsoftMIOsoft offers data quality functionality through their MIOvantage platform. In addition to data quality, the tool also includes data migration, master data management, big data analytics, and a unique customer 360 portal. MIOvantage utilizes an interactive profiling and analysis tool to identify problems in a data set, allowing users to repair errors, resolve conflict, and enrich their data. Of particular note is the machine learning technology included in the tool, which provides data quality automation for specific projects.

5. Trillium Software

Trillium SoftwareSyncsort-owned Trillium Software provides data quality capabilities through its Trillium Quality tool. Trillium Quality can be deployed in batch or real-time either on-prem or in the cloud. It uses the same rule sets and standards across applications and systems. In addition to all the basics, Trillium offers global address validation built from local and country-by-country expertise. As a result, users can automate enrichment to add missing postal information, salutations, and other business-specific data.

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